CSHIPP Clean shipping project platform

Clean Shipping Project Platform brings together projects and organisations focused on enhancing clean shipping in the Baltic Sea Region.

What are our objectives?

Clean Shipping Project Platform (CSHIPP) brings together several projects and organisations focused on promoting and developing clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region. By concentrating on collaboration, CSHIPP strives to increase the impact of and connect the dots between the various projects which look at the shared topic of clean shipping from different angles. By synthesising the projects' results we are able to provide a more comprehensive perspective into clean shipping. Furthermore, showcasing the results of several projects working with clean shipping provides a fertile ground for new ideas and synergies to emerge and flourish.

The activities of CSHIPP revolve around two key themes: the environmental effects of shipping and the business potential of clean shipping. By discussing these themes both separately and simultaneously, CSHIPP emphasises that environmentally friendly shipping and profitable business support rather than exclude one another.

How do we do it?

The Baltic Sea Region is a frontrunner in clean shipping. However, the gap between research, business and policy making hinders further and faster development in the field. With this in mind, CSHIPP directs its activities and outputs to three key groups of actors in the field of clean shipping:




By carefully targeting these three key groups and by bringing them into dialogue with each other in events and workshops, CSHIPP increases the overall capacity of a wide range of maritime actors in the Baltic Sea Region.

Who are we?

CSHIPP brings together 14 project partners from 8 Baltic Sea Region countries. In addition, the project has 13 associated partners.

CSHIPP in numbers:

Duration: 01/10/2018-30/09/2020

Total Budget: 1,082,581.75 €

European Regional Development Fund: 902,781.75 €

Norwegian Funding: 78,300.00 €

European Neighbourhood Instrument: 50,750.00 €

Russian Funding: 50,750.00 €


Project Manager Ms. Riitta Pöntynen University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies riitta.pontynen@utu.fi, tel: +358403510476

Communications Manager Ms. Emilia Tuominen Centrum Balticum Foundation emilia.tuominen@centrumbalticum.org tel: +358405096444



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