GlenwoodTimes #3 - March 2017

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

The “Glenwood Express” thunders ahead at full steam. We have had an extremely busy 1st Term and many are looking forward to the April break. In saying this, I also realise that this Easter break is traditionally the time that sees many of the sports festivals taking place and Glenwood is taking part in a number of them. Allow me, therefore to thank our pupils and parents for their commitment to the school. I am confident that they will experience successful and enjoyable tours.

The College has gone “live” on Metaschools and parents can now also access the profiles of their children in the College. As time progresses, more functions will be introduced which will further improve communication and interactivity between the school, pupils and parents. Parents who are experiencing problems with logging into Metaschools are encouraged to contact the school for assistance.

All indications are that ADvTECH will start with the construction of 6 College classrooms during the course of the 2nd Term. This will obviously cause some disruption, but will be solved to a large extent by the erection of temporary classrooms. The plan is to have the construction of the permanent classrooms completed by the year end. There are also some other exciting developments being planned in the near future. WATCH THIS SPACE!

I conclude by wishing all parents and children a happy and blessed Easter holiday!

summer splash

While Friday morning started out as a slightly overcast day, the sun came out on the Little Glens playground, to ensure that the excited children would have a wonderful day at Summer Splash!

Food stalls were decorated, turning the playground into a feast for the eyes, and the tummies… The slip and slide and foam castle provided hours of fun for the children, while the “colour run” and water balloon toss games ensured there was plenty to do.

The funds raised from this event will go towards supplying a much needed shady-port for our playground, as well as new scooters and educational games.

Thank you to all our wonderful parents, friends and children who supported this event, to make it the roaring success that it was.

memorable moments at Little Glens

Little Glens getting a soaking from Mama Lulu on a hot day.
Charlouis having a ride on our new horse swings!
Potato Chip Day!
Open-an-umbrella-indoors Day - Darryl, Emma and Caitlin, with their umbrellas in the classroom.

grade 00 outing to a farm

Green eggs and ham

Baking in the Cheetah class.

grade 0 family camp

Hartenbos 25 – 26 February 2017

While the weather in George, was not looking appealing for campers, our Grade 0 families enjoyed a wonderful weekend, getting to know each other around the camp fire in Hartenbos. Great laughs were enjoyed by all. On Saturday evening, we had to make the circle bigger, as more families joined for our braai, totalling around 120 people. Sunday morning dawned, and the start of a beautiful day was welcomed by the early birds. Hot chocolate was served while others were waking up.. After breakfast, families gathered on the beach for our annual “Sand Sculpture Competition”. It was such a treat to see families enjoying their time together. Thank you to all that were able to join us.

Grade 1L - Letter land

Grade 1L celebrating the completion of our letter land programme.

Grade 6 puppets

Grade six puppets from Mrs Reuvers Hefer's group.

"Village of hope"

The "Village of Hope" in Mongu brings hope to many children in need in the impoverished area of Western Zambia. Paul and Marinette, leaders of Hope Church, George, started this haven around 8 years ago when they became aware of the dire need for formal education and health care in this area. Glenwood is proud to supply the Village of Hope school with all our secondhand and unused uniforms. Look how proudly our "Zambian little Glens" wear their beautiful uniforms!

tech corner

An interesting YouTube clip appeared recently, posted by a fellow Georgian saying that the print media was the only credible media form available. His claim was that unless you have journalists writing for newspapers and magazines, you will be bombarded by fake news and articles from unreliable sources through social media.

The person in the video was doing his best to punt his product which made him too look a little like the type of journalist that he was portraying as a proponent of questionable news.

Remember the nineties when the internet became mainstream. No longer did we have to rely on a dusty set of encyclopedias in a musty library, but we could seek information on what we considered at the time, the World Wide Web! Remember too, how limited the information was at the time and it was more like TV OF OLD, where one channel reigned supreme. The internet has grown and access to information has exploded.

Regardless of which medium you choose to obtain your information from, the reliability thereof needs to be verified and cross checked. We need to teach our children not to accept media news at face value, but to verify the source. How often do we see the Whatsapp or Facebook posts which come from some or other “Brigadier in the SAPS”? A quick check on usually shows those posts to be the hoaxes that they are.

Teach your child to be a good Digital Citizen. Model the correct behaviour at home. If your child is struggling with screen time, what are you modelling? Are you saying it’s OK for adults to be constantly absorbed with a cellphone or tablet, or are there times when you too need a time out and focus on family time? How many of us are guilty of this?

What kinds of conversations are you engaging in on Social Media that your children are aware of? Is it uplifting and a good example for your children?

Technology and the Internet are not the monsters that some would portray, but with the correct education and guidance from responsible adults, they can be a magnificent source of information.

Wayne Strydom (Grade 5 Educator and Tech Savvy Parent, Glenwood House School)

Grade 10 CAT & IT

Grade 10 CAT and IT learners reassembling PCs - learning theory, the practical way.

Grade 12 Geography Excursion

Grade 12 Geography outing on the Silver River.

Frisbee Golf

Sporting achievements

preparatory athletics (SWD championships)

Winning an athletics event is always special. But, if this event was hotly contested by hundreds of athletes all across your province – that makes you very special! Glenwood House is extremely proud of the performances by our young athletes at the recent SWD Championships. Not only did they qualify for the SWD team, but achieved the position that everyone strives for. They are Carmi Lewis (100m, long jump), Luard Elstadt (javelin), Gisèle Young (200m) and Matthew Seabrook (long jump).

preparatory athletics (WEstern cape trials)

Our athletes participated in the Western Cape trials and we are delighted with the results achieved by Gisèle Young who ran a brilliant race to lead the U13, 200m hurdles and in a very exciting finish, she was placed 2nd.

Carmi Lewis ran like the wind and qualified for the finals of the 80m and 100m. She showed her talent in the long jump where she achieved a 2nd place.

Luard Elstadt was placed 5th in the U13 javelin.

Congratulations to Gisèle and Carmi who were selected for the Western Cape Athletics team to participate in the SA Championships in Potchefstroom.

Gisèle Young showing great form in the 200m hurdles.
Carmi Lewis achieved a 2nd place in the U12 long jump.

College athletics

Luke Gauché qualified for SA School Championships with this 6,87m jump. Karla du Plessis qualified with high jump at 1,60m in 1st position and Madison Solomon was placed 5th in hurdles.

Eden Biathlé Champs

Samantha Bellew participated in the Eden Biathlé Champs in MosselBay on 5 March 2017 and achieved a 2nd place (silver medal) in the Girls U13 group. Samantha was selected for the Eden Biathlé Team to participate in the Western Cape Champs in MosselBay in April.

Chess in CaliTzdorp

Preparatory CRICKET

On Thurday, 2 March 2016, the U13A Glenwood House Preparatory cricket team played in the SWD, U13 cricket final. They played against Outeniqua Primary. Outeniqua won the game by 78 runs. Proud coaches of the U13A Glenwood House Preparatory Cricket Team, Gary Wagner (Assistant coach) and Douglas Wagner (Head coach). Well done boys!

Daniel van der Merwe, Ewaldt Blaauw, Eric Pike and David de Necker are kneeling in the front. Ruan Lamprecht, Reegan Bakker, Tiaan Hugo, André de Wet, James Edwards, Justin Scholtz, Aidan van Eeden and Migal Groenewald (Captain) are standing at the back with Coach Gary Wagner and Douglas Wagner.


The U13A, U15A and U19A cricket sides made history by qualifying for their respective age groups’ SWD finals. This was the first time that Glenwood House achieved this amazing feat. All three teams unfortunately lost their games. Outeniqua Primary’s U13A beat Glenwood by 78 runs. David de Necker took 2 wickets and Migal Groenewald and James Edwards took one each. Ruan Lamprecht top scored with 20 runs in the runs chase followed by André de Wet on 16 and Tiaan Hugo on 13. Well done boys!

college cricket

Glenwood U15 cricket team won the semi-final against Langenhoven Gymnasium by 1 wicket.

Preparatory Golf

The boys showing off their new golf shirts after a good day of golf in difficult weather conditions at the Prep Southern Cape B division League. The Glenwood B division leads this year's competition.

SWD Schools' golf finals

The College Golf team are through to the SA Schools' Tournment (played in August), after winning the SWD Schools' Golf finals in MosselBay.

preparatory hockey

Glenwood House School is proud to acknowledge the following hockey players who were selected to represent the George teams. They are in front: Kyle Gauché, James Helling, Natalie Lombard, Kent Jordaan, Gugu Zumbire. At the back: Jake Frost, Alecia de Clercq, Jade van de Venter, Aidan van Eeden, Seke Zumbire.

Glenwood House School achieves at Western Cape Showing for 2016

From the Preparatory School: Thomas van Rijckevorsel with Ashgar Amelia - Western Cape Pony Rider Working Novice. From the College: Emma Pretorius with Chocolate Jeannie - Western Cape Junior Showing Novice.

preparatory netball

Glenwood House School is very proud of Tiana Jacobs, who was selected for the George netball team.


On Friday, 3 March, the following schools met around the George Suid swimming pool to compete for the coveted George Suid Invitational Gala Floating Trophy:George Suid Laerskool, Knysna Primary School, Outeniqua Primary School, Holy Cross Primary, Park Primary School, Blanco Primary School, Glenwood House.

After an excellent show of sportsmanship by all swimmers, Glenwood walked away victorious, securing a hat trick of wins this season, namely: The Junior Prep Eden Championship trophy; The Senior Prep Eden Championship trophy and The George Suid Invitational Gala Trophy.

Well done to all our swimmers! We are very proud of you.

Glenwood House Swimming Captain, Luard Elstadt, receives the winning school trophy from Mr K Postma at The George South, Loerie Invitational Gala.

preparatory tennis

Our young tennis players achieved great results recently. Ruan Lamprecht played in the Synergy Cup and assisted in the Eden team placing second. Marnus Oosthuizen played in a tennis South Africa tournament in PE and won both the U14 singles and doubles, an outstanding achievement.

2017 Rugby festival

myschool myvillage myplanet

spca challenge

Thank you to the 40 families, who have taken out membership and sent donations. We encourage the other Glenwood families to participate in this initiative.

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