10 things to know about me A story by Thailymarie

My favorite country is Puerto Rico because I was born there. I like the food from Puerto Rico, and the weather is hot.

Beautiful beaches

Amazing sunsets

El Yunque - our rainforest

Awesome sunrises

My country
I like the sport of volleyball because it is one of the sports that is played most in Puerto Rico. I was on a volleyball team when I was in Puerto Rico.
My favorite sport
These are some of the foods I like in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican food




I like the animals.
I love animals

I love animals. My favorite animals are dogs. I like dogs because they are smart, loyal, fun, and loving.

I have three brothers. Two that are from my mother and father and the other is my half brother from my father. Their names are Sammy, Abdiel, Keishlenid, and Janelis.

I like the beach and the pool because it is fun to go swimming and hang out.

I love to swim
I like to go to Countryside Mall
The rink at Countryside

I like going to the mall with my friends or my cousin. We like to go shopping for sneakers. We hang out at the food court because there are so many restaurants to choose from.

I like the profession of veterinarian because they care for animals
My favorite colors are pink and blue
Pink and blue

Pink is my favorite because it is like Cotton candy. Blue is my favorite because it is like the ocean.

I am going to visit Puerto Rico soon because I need to see my family

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you learned more about me.


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