Legend of ALF ALPHA

We all know of the TV character ALF right? If not he is a very goofy looking character who looks similar to a Sasquatch. In this story he is a inter dimensional Extra Terrestrial banished from his home planet for being to goofy and what his kind considered dumb. He was a big joke even to the other ALFS! Everyone thought he was throwing a gear in the works by being there. Simply because they couldn’t help but to be annoyed by him. No one cared for him and they celebrated his departure. Only to search quickly for another punching bag. This is a regular thing on there planet. They find one character always the oddest of the bunch, and use him as a global punching bag. Getting angrier and angrier until they have to kick him off entirely for getting so sick of looking at his face!

With This particular ALF they really couldn’t stand him. This ALF tried to be smart with foreign ideas.

New ideas coming from someone like ALF to say the least. Were not taken seriously.

On their planet they don’t accept new ideas. Especially ones they haven’t heard of yet!

So they are continuing down the same path towards their demise.

ALF considered himself lucky he got banished except the fact they shot him randomly into deep space with no controls. No food either only a bunch of hate notes.

ALF is very disturbed. He knows he’s a true sweet heart in the purest of forms. He doesn’t understand why his whole life he has rubbed everyone the wrong way. Even when he tries his hardest.

His own family was glad to see him go so they can look good again to the world.

Poor ALF is adrift in space all alone heading deeper and deeper into darkness. The light and the noise of his planet completely fade away and he feels like disappearing completely into the blackness like he never was. He doesn’t have a single home to go back to or a safe place to escape to. All his memories are filled with negative thoughts about others poking and prodding at him.

He doesn’t ever remember having a care free time in life except for maybe when he was a young kid. Even then his siblings couldn’t stand him. He never had any friends and the one girl he had a crush on crushed his heart in front of everyone. He’s had it up to here with everything and now has nothing but empty space all around. No one to even vent to. Back at home it was the same thing. The second he would try and vent it would instantly set everyone off. The way they see it is they have so much problems themselves there is no time for ALFS nonsense.

Who cares about ALF and his make believe problems. Often times people would forget he’s conscious with a memory and emotions. Long story short ALF didn’t fit in with his planet and it showed.

The reason why is he doesn’t have the same interests. ALL he wants to do is live and be happy but has never found a home. No one has ever let him just be himself. Everyone overlooks hims and often uses him as a punching bag without thinking. Its just second nature. No one stands up for him and takes his side even though he would stand up for anyone else in the same position. Out of everyone on his entire planet he is the most genuine loving and honest. Even though others try and paint a picture like he’s not. Knowing deep down everything they say is stretched and untrue, they can’t help themselves but to try and turn everyone they can against him. Simply so they can feel okay about sending all their unwanted negative energy his way. They don’t even know why he bothers them so bad he just does! Since they all agree who cares why!

He seems to be in the way, lets banish him!

The way the rest of them see it is: its just loner ALF in no way could anything they do or say to him ever come back to haunt them right?

The truth is he is highly intelligent just doesn’t know it. His whole life everyone has always made him feel sloppy and dumb no matter what he does or says. So he just assumes hes dumb like the people think he is. In reality he is one of the most unique and compassion filled being on their planet. Truly is one of a kind.

Ofcourse not all the other ALF's dislike this partiular ALF. Others are just as compassionful. Only hidden behind the engry ones.

As he is hurling through space he is in the single darkest moment in his life. Literally.

In pitch black space and in the darkest of corners mentally anyone could ever be in.

Considering how highly intelligent he is, he is beyond darkness.

In the darkness however he see’s a light. Light up within his brain. Suddenly he can see everything!

Inside of his mind. He has been floating around for a solid 20 hours now and doesn’t know where he is. He can’t tell the difference between thoughts and delusions. Whats real or whats a dream.

Physically he is floating is space. Mentally he is floating in space in space.

He has an epiphany and suddenly unravels the entire universe!

He see’s a planet randomly come into view inside of his mind. Earth. Suddenly he pops through the dimensional wall and Earth is right in front of him. His ship is in fact moments from entering the atmosphere.

He burns through the atmosphere on a sunny day and comes crashing down in the USA. Just off the shore of the Florida keys.

After crash landing his ship begins to sink. He barely manages to pry the doors open using his strong bear arms. They literally welded it shut on him. As if they didn’t even want him to escape if he could. Thankfully when he landed his ship cracked in half leaving just enough room for him to squeeze his goofy self out.

He swims to shore and gets looked at like a Bigfoot on the loose.

He’s not sure where he is or what the being are like here. Its a completely different world here compared to his. He had a purple sky and everything felt a little lighter. Even though he came from a hostile planet with a low planetary frequency this one seems heavier and even lower. ALF is in shock and wonders to himself. “Did I pop through to an even Lower dimension!

Already escaping personal hell he doesn’t understand why he is here now.

First thing he does is finds a place to hide and try and figure out where he is and what kind of world this is. What kind of beings live here and what is their system. Are they connected as one or separate lost and hostile. Are they connected to other dimensions and know about extraterrestrial life being one of the functioning planets? Or is this a class 1 loner planet. Even worse a class 6 violently controlled planet!

These are all the questions he asks himself. Even on his planet they moved beyond money, had space flight, advanced technology, inter dimensional travel, extra terrestrial contact, freedom to go from the inner planet to the outer. A equal balance system. He was the one flaw of their planet. The one punching bag.

He thinks back upon how harmonious they must be without him.

Meanwhile back at home. The ALF solar system has been invaded by a hostile force preparing an attack on his home planet who is preparing for battle as well.

He does his research and finds out this is a -6 class planet in the dark dimension. Which is strange because his kind never enters this low a dimension. Somehow being pushed into the darkest corner has brought ALF down to all new lows.

At first he kicks himself feeling really scared! How did I let my emotions get the best of me!

Now he has to live the remainder of his years in a lower dimension. He thinks its beautiful here. Something however feels off or missing. The beings seem very disconnected from each other and their planet.

He tries to use his powers but can’t. He can’t fly, He can’t levitate things and he can’t transport out though a higher dimension! Thinking about it, his mind doesn’t even feel connected to the universe anymore. Somehow it just isn’t working. He starts to panic. What is going on! What kind of reality am I in! This is why they have warnings to stay away from these lower dimensions. You fall in and its a struggle to get back out.

He starts hyper ventilating and freaking out! Why do I deserve this he says to himself!

He breaths and tries to catch his breath. One thing about his kind is they are strong and are known to make the best out of a situation. He decides instead of panicking he is gonna look around and see what this world has to offer.

He looks at the rest of the beings and realize they aren’t using any powers either. He starts to think. Why is no one using their powers?

Then he asks himself. Is this the dimension where powers don’t exist, or the dimension where they don’t know about their powers yet? Making it a class 5 in the 3rd dimension.

After walking around and looking through the media he realizes there is a simple simple solution he might just be able to solve here on this planet.

He realizes the people of earth have yet to figure out their own existence!

An issue him and his planet went through thousands of years ago. Before his planet figured it out they were at constant war and were lost like zombies. Back then their powers didn’t exist yet either. Then they had the consciousness revolution naturally sweep them by storm.

He realizes they seem to lack one basic thing here. Knowledge. Like watering your crops with Gatorade it just doesn’t work. What he see’s is a quick fix to all their problems. The only issue he has is he’s ALF. He doesn’t even speak the same language.

He also has a horrible speech impediment and has a very hard time expressing himself!

He has genius thoughts but can’t get them out in a way anyone understands. Because of this they just assume everything he says is crazy and dumb. The few things they do pick up are so far above their heads they think he’s in imagination land.

They then ignore him unable to get passed this. Its ALF how credible is he anyways? No one has time.

Plus he’s always annoying and thinks he’s smart.

Back to his home planet. They are on the very verge of a full scale invasion. They have spent all their time hating ALF for the last Ten years they are completely unprepared. They can’t help but blame ALF for this!

Right now that’s not ALFS problem. He is dealing with a situation of his own.

He tries to leave a few notes for the leaders of the world but to his surprise they get rejected almost instantly. He realizes these beings have been lost for so long they think reality is insane and not real.

The reality they currently live in is random and confusing. He can still see the separation of all the inhabitants and the puzzle of creation still being shaped for them.

He decides to help them out and pull together the puzzle for them. Using there own artists, musicians movies and quotes to paint the full picture with reference points they can understand.

He realizes there is something here which could benefit him greatly. As if it was made just for this reason. The TV and Internet. He figures out the internet and realizes its a perfect platform for him to start building his platform on. Once its ready he will then alert the world at the same time. He realizes the population is scared and shy to move forward. They don’t know whats a lie or who to trust. They clearly have been hurt for quite some time. ALF sheds a tear over this and develops a huge sense of compassion for the human race. He does his absolute best! To write stories make music and get it out into the world in the easiest way possible. Wanting to write the human race a message reminding them how incredibly strong they are and how beautiful they are.

ALF finds their artwork and creations incredibly beautiful. He knows inside of the human race exists a universe of deep love and compassion. They care for each other. He figures its time someone cares for them. He falls in love with the human race and wants nothing more to help them anyway he can. He has a lot of information which he feels could help them.

Little does he know however. Planet Earth is also in the middle of a giant secret war of their own. Which hardly any of the world knows about. Behind the scenes the rulers of earth are in a pickle. Mighty extra terrestrials lurk just above wanting disclosure and to free the human race. The rulers are pinned down with the finger on the dead man switch trigger about to end the whole thing. In a standoff situation.

The rulers are on edge and on high alert for anyone going against their plans. They don’t want to reveal and don’t want this to be the end for them. So anyone trying to help spread knowledge will be taken out almost instantly. Before the world knows about it.

They are all about keeping the surface world down and far behind the learning curve. In this reality they can control us. Information is the biggest threat to them.

So perfect for poor ALF! Who simply wants to help the human race and make them feel special again bringing the magic back! Completely unaware of them being there.

The second he uploads his platform online they are on to him!

Initially they saw someone going against their plan and were going to take him out. Something stopped them dead in their tracks however. They just couldn’t once they saw him.

Something about his goofy loner appearance and outcast persona struck a certain cord with them.

Seeing someone actually take matters into their own hands in such a direct and different way is completely new to them.

They have never seen this before and its throwing them threw a loop. Somehow this misfit character knows so much and is painting the perfect message right in time to save everyone!

Including them!

They are completely floored.

They decide to sit back and monitor ALF from a distance. To see what he has to say.

What they witness is shocking to both them as well as ALF.

He pulls a message together from the world in hopes to flip it back to the world. Making ALF a phantom character. Simply the one who spliced it together and put it out there.

The message he pulls together however goes so perfectly even ALF has to step back and take another look.

The group watching him however figures it out even before he does.

ALF is a perfectly placed higher plan! Even beyond anything they could have guessed. The timing and the situation the world is in. What has been proven to them is the existence of God. They can see a bold puzzle being formed thanks to ALF. They see the whole puzzle being formed because of ALF. In fact directly around ALF. Everything ALF does appears ment to be. ALF personaly has symbolic references to the entire message he is creating. The whole back story leading up to this point. The standoff situation the planet is in. All things comming down to a close. Like a mighty puzzle and ALF happened to be a perfect fitting shape. Dispite the fact he never fit in on his planet.

Also the message ALF is trying to bring together goes word for word with the back story. The universe opperates like a giant puzzle and we are the moving pieces. The puzzle is creation.

They now have undeniable proof of god. They see that we do infact opperate like one giant being. They know there is nothing they can do except learn to change. ALF is fitting such a perfect role it is miraculous to them!

It as been made very clear that not just everything they have done. But everything since the very beginning. Has shaped the world right where it needs to be for the higher plan to unfold and draw the line between good and evil. Proving that they themselves are a equal part of the puzzle. Which is based around ALF turning out to be the center point or the eye of the puzzle. They find this ironic. He is the eye of the puzzle and all eyes are on him. The whole universe is watching him as he makes his creations and tries to pull the puzzle together. So in a sense he is the eye of the universe!

The puzzle pieces are the people of earth and their creations. ALF is using all the peoples creations together to form one message.

As if it was one person making all the creations. He is trying to show the world we truly are connected as one.

They also see the direction ALF is trying to take the world in and are completely blown away. They didn’t even know the information ALF knows. No one did. But he has knowledge of the future which is blowing all parties away in a very unexpected way!

What he knows about life and reality is so shocking they are forced to re think everything. They see the puzzle being formed and know ALF is the turning point of that puzzle. They are excited for the completely new reality to come.

Normally they see messages ignore them once they realize they are phony. This one however turned out to not be a joke at all. Proving itself in miraculous ways over and over again. As if ALF had magical powers. They see the whole universe backing his message. They watch him as he connects the dots of creation and write the story of life.

At this point all they can do is watch. Obviously it appears the whole universe was shaped for ALF to come and piece it all together at this point. To paint a picture of what reality is. That picture he is painting is beautiful. More beautiful than you would expect coming from a guy like ALF.

ALF, being the advanced being who he is looks up at the stars one night. Here on planet earth its hard to see them. He sends a telepathic message out into space asking for guidance and help. Feeling very lost, he prays to the universe.

The universe responds. By popping a thought into his head. “Planet earth is the last”.

He thinks deeply and realizes something. Knowing we are all connected throughout the universe by energy. If planet earth is in fact the last one, when planet earth begins healing the universe does as well. Meaning even his own home planet will be affected from the inside out raising its vibrations and the whole universes vibrations into a complete new phase of peace!

Basically the universe is bottled down on planet earth. ALF realizes the entire universe is now riding on him solely to bring about the future and bring the whole universe into a new phase!

He realized the knowledge g=he knows and the future he will bring is a huge task. The whole universe is riding on him. Making him the new collective center of the universe.

Or the one. Which would explain why he is so weird. He is a mix of everyone!

He already prevented a massive cataclysm and the future looks incredible and unimaginably bright. He ended the standoff and now both side are waiting ever so patiently and eagerly for one last thing.

The massage to get picked up and for the population to get it. Once they do all the extra terrestrials will come together revealing new technology and ending all conflicts. Raising this planet from a class -6 to a class 1 learning planet.

ALF was planets earths disclosure. A higher plan to bring about the new world in a remarkable and very stunning way. Surprizing to say the least.

He finally reveals the message. Planet earth heals and all other races heal from within. Right before the invasion of ALFS home planet. The invaders are struck with earths vibes. Suddenly they are happy and care free. They are on a whole new level of understanding and end they invasion right then and there. They even turn around and decide to work together for a change! Now only freedom and friends exist throughout the universe.

ALF was celebrated when he arrived back home. He didn’t stay for long though.

Earth is his new home!

ALF is invited on stage and the only thing he ever say’s is: “Better late then never right?”

“I always knew this was a dream world that is common knowledge. I just never thought in a million light years that it would be centered around me”.

ALF is shy and wants nothing more than a cozy humble life and to finally find inner peace. Being the center dreamer of the universe and attached to the whole universe as one. Inner peace for both were lined up at the same time.

All ALF wants is a simple home in the swamp like Shrek.

Shrek lived in the swamp because everyone thought he was a monster and was afraid of him. When he was the nicest guy with the purest of intentions. He was equally afraid of them if not more

"Don't make me hide in the swamp"

Shrek to Trump:
“I wont let you drain the swamp!”
.Stay tuned for ALFs message.
Imagine Darth Vader and Yoda working together and meeting each other half way for the benefit of the greater good. To end the war and save both sides lives. Imagine a new character in the middle to mediate and create a happy middle for all. Well why would they do that? Simple they realize they are connected the whole time and the struggle throughout the universe has been a process of creation and build up. Without the struggle between the universe life would have nothing to base itself off of and build from. No reason to advance or evolve. Looking back and realizing this. They decide to draw the line and begin life. Since the universe has bottled down into two sides. With two figures: Yoda and Darth. When they come to an agreement so does the universe. In a sense the universe has bottled down to an opportunity of peace.
After which the universe can evolve to never before seen levels.
The mediator is the center point both side are connected too. Both sides existing inside the mediator.
This universe is all about finding itself.
To find the universe is to find yourself. You are the universe!

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