From Visual to Language

Enrich users' visual inspiration by connecting and exposing verbal and logic language to visual contents. Showing more background information, resource or stories about the visual content, like the time, author, art movement and related events that we cannot see within our own vision and knowledge, by accessing metadata, or recognizing contents. It can be done by auto label or tag single image or a group of images.

Problem: Sometime when we are looking for inspiration we go to bechance, Pinterest or dribble, we input our keywords into search bar, the system returns us similar images or artworks, we find some we like, some we don’t, but they are limited on the visual contents and it is hard to describe in language what matches our preference. Our key words maybe not accurate. Can platforms help to accurate the tags or labels by knowing what we like from a single or a group of visual contents?

User Story:

  • Goto artwork platform
  • Searching one or couple keywords
  • Return images or artworks
  • Label what we like or not
  • Return tags or labels from the artwork we like in common
  • User can either click the tags or labels to see more similar work or know more details about the artworks

3D Grid System

Bring 3D grid system into app, web, graphics, user experience or interaction design.

Problem: Some game or animation, movies VFX software has 3D coordinate system, but as rendering getting powerful and more complexing user experience can be done on mobile, web or even VR. Can we design a simple 3D grid system to help designers put object into more accurate positions?

User Story:

  • Graphics design: user wants to design a 3D feeling poster and place object equally aligned, showing z-axis and assist to adjust size and showing equal distance constraints as what we have on 2D design.
  • Material design: user wants to design a card swapping effect in 3D, help they put card into correct position by showing 3D grid.

Logo generator

Generating logos by keywords input to the system.

Problem: great demand of creating logo and simple for small business or individual project, but hard to find right designer and provide enough budget

User Story:

  • User want to create a logo, so they input key words, like cafe, cup, coffee color, circle, modern into the system
  • System output some shapes or designs based on the keywords input

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