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CONTI+ ultra: the smart solution

If you are looking to save water and energy, meet the most stringent standards of hygiene while also providing a user friendly yet vandal-proof solution, CONTI+ ultra is the number one choice.

Suitable for every environment, from commercial and public settings to sanitary facilities in the health sector, CONTI+ ultra offers a broad range of size, colour and energy supply options.

Its smart design ensures users enjoy an exceptionally high level of hygiene and reliability for ultimate convenience. Fully controllable, this product also promotes the sustainable use of resources.

CONTI+ ultra offers the best possible user experience and a high degree of reliability thanks to it's intelligent, highly developed technology. The faucet's low water and energy consumption set the highest possible standards while its special hygiene functions ensure this is a smart washroom solution that can be depended upon.

CONTI+ ultra: reliable & innovative


CONTI+ ultra: resource-efficient technology

With its touch-free operation, CONTI+ ultra saves up to 70 % water since water only flows when it's needed. This also decreases the amount of energy used to heat the water.

The optional solar module or turbine (built into the faucet) generates sufficient energy to extend battery life by up to eight years, helping the owner of the facility save on the cost of both water and energy.

High grade materials result in long term, trouble-free operation while lead-free components ensure consistent water quality.


CONTI+ ultra with solar operation | CONTI+ ultra with turbine operation

CONTI+ ultra: meeting highest hygiene requirements

The touch-free CONTI+ ultra ensures thorough hygiene, and its sleek shape makes it easy to clean.

Germ-inhibiting materials and hygiene flushing help prevent faucets from becoming a breeding ground for germs. The pipework is both lead-free and bacteria-resistant.

Designed with a high spout for the health sector and industrial applications, this tap allows users to wash up to their elbows.

The hygiene mode, which has been specifically developed for hospitals, doctors' surgeries and other areas requiring rigorous hand cleanliness, features a countdown to help users wash their hands for the prescribed length of time.

CONTI+ ultra: for every application


CONTI+ ultra: utterly dependable

An advanced technology that has proved its worth, CONTI+ ultra ensures reliable, long lasting operation. Its vandal-proof components are made to be tough and totally infallible.

If servicing work needs to be carried out, the OneTool service along with the faucets modular construction make maintenance extremely easy and convenient.

Thanks to the TwistStopp, there is no need to shut off the water using an angle valve; instead simply turning the valve module will stop the water supply. All components can be changed by hand without any tools.

A complete service can only be undertaken above the washbasin. Operating states, such as 'battery low', can be easily identified by the LEDs on the side.


CONTI+ ultra: variations

Finishes and colour variations*

For an aesthetically pleasing washroom with an individual touch, the new CONTI+ ultra colour variations offer an inspiring choice.

Brushed chrome
Brushed nickel
Polished brass

* delivery date upon request

Aerator options

Individual aerators: flow rates of 5.7 l/min down to a water saving 1.9 l/min with three different spray patterns – suitable for all applications.

1.9 l/min spray aerator
5.7 l/min jet aerator
5.7 l/min laminar aerator

Washbasin models

CONTI+ ultra is available in three sizes with or without temperature control and drain assembly. Each model is ready for data exchange via cable or wireless connection.

GS total height: 123 mm / spout height: 51 mm
GM total height: 178 mm / spout height: 94 mm
GH total height: 252 mm / spout height: 162 mm

Wall models

The CONTI+ ultra wall model, with its high quality design, is suitable for use in hygienically critical environments or where installation on a washbasin is not desirable.

Wall without solar: spout length: 240 mm / spout height: any
Wall with solar: spout length: 240 mm / spout height: any

Energy options

Stylish technology offering a variety of modules and superior energy options. All types of sanitary facilities are catered for with four energy options: mains, battery, solar and turbine operation.

Public - the definitive model for use in public areas. A clear, well rounded electronic module.
Public Solar - energy from solar cells extends the battery life to up to eight years.
Expert Solar - solar cells together with display of water temperature and water running time.
Turbine - energy from turbine extends the battery life to up to eight years.

CONTI+ ultra: networkable with CNX water management system

The intuitive CNX water management system from CONTI+ has been created to meet the most demanding hygiene requirements. The user friendly interval or calendar functions present an easy way to automate and efficiently document essential flushing.

What's more, the CNX offers a wide range of additional operating and safety functions – for example the ability to program operating times for thermal disinfection and to set operating or cleaning stops. All operations and actions as well as any error messages are securely documented and managed.

Taps can be programmed individually or in location groups for maximum efficiency. This can be achieved easily and intuitively by dragging and dropping tiles.


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