Brittany Robinett ED 202 portfolio, Fall 2016

Section One: About Me

My name is Brittany Robinett. Below is a video that shows you a little bit about me and my future as a teacher.

Section Two: My Philosophy of Education


  • What is Behaviorism? Behaviorism is the theory that human behavior can be explained in terms of conditioning, without appeal to thoughts or feelings, and that psychological disorders are best treated by altering behavior patterns In today's society students lack in behavior skills.

Many students are not brought up in a home where manners and good behavior is enforced. They bring these bad behaviors to school, and it makes it harder for the teacher to teach the students because they are constantly dealing with these poor attitudes. Behaviorist believe in stopping the problem by focusing on the bad and making it good, so the students learn how to act properly. The students need to learn how to become respectful people because in the future when they are trying to get jobs or just meeting knew people ; they need to know how to treat and interact with others.

Philosophy on Educational Technology

I strongly believe that technology should be used in the classroom. Today's students are very knowledgeable with technology because they use it every day. They understand how it works and they like it. Technology should be used in the classroom for a number of reasons.

  • They can learn how to use a computer adequately.
  • They can use the educational activities and games at home that are shared by the teacher.
  • Students get excited when they get to use things that are not traditional in a classroom setting.
  • AR testing can be done right from the classroom.

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard One: Facilitate & Inspire Learning & Creativity

Artifact:Operation Gingerbread man

Operation Gingerbread Man was a great project that taught me how to use electricity to create a game that was used both on the computer and with house hold objects such as cardboard, foil, and tape. It was a creative idea that taught me how to use technology and create a game with everyday items. I enjoyed this project.

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Two: Design & Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences & Assessments

Artifact two: Lesson plan

This was the first lesson plan that I have done before, and I have really learned a lot. These things are not easy and there is so much detail that goes into each of them. This lesson plan has prepared me for future lesson plans to come, and I can always refer back to this one when I am making new ones. I know how to properly assess my students and the lesson plan gives me an organized, step - by- step system to refer to. I really like this.

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Three: Model Digital Age Work & Learning

Artifact three: recap

Recap was a great tool that we used in class. We videoed ourselves while recapping the material we covered in the previous session. It was something different that required students to get out of their comfort zones and learn how to be asses digitally. I enjoyed this program because it taught me how to use a webcam and become more familiar with the internet. I will use this in my future classes.

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Four: Promote & Model Digital Citizenship & Learning

Artifact four: Newsletter

I thought the newsletter on digital literacy was very helpful for me. It was informative about internet safety and how aware teachers have to be in their classrooms because access to inappropriate things is common and easily accessible. It opened my eyes to how serious these things can be. Anything that is put on the internet never goes away, how you portray yourself is looked at. This ISTE Standard gives us great information on how to watch our students and teach them how to model good behavior.

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Five: Engage in Professional Growth & Leadership

artifact five: google cirtification

I am glad that we had to get Google certified in this class because most grade schools use Google for all parts of teaching. It is a huge asset to teachers and we need to know how to use it so we can be affective teachers in the future. I learned that there are many parts to Google and it is good to know how to use them all because we need them for our classrooms. It can also show good leadership as a teacher that allows students to have an easy way of communicating with us once we become skilled in Google programs.

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