The lift Salama alket

Rashed : a second-year student at UAE College.

Ali : Rashed,s rich friend and a fellow student.

Hamad Khalifa : Ali's father, a very isuccessful businessman.

Rashed and Ali are friends. Always they go to Alain mall.They always sit at the coffee shop and do some shopping sometimes
Rashed talks with Ali about the university and the projects. Ali : Rashed I will go to buy something's and I will comeback. Rashed : okey I will wait. Rashed stay in the caffe shop to drink his cappuccino and work in project.
Ali is late to come back to the cafe. Than Rashed go to check his friend. Rashed met Ali at the cafe door. Rashed see Ali nervous. Rashed: oh, Ali why you late more than 15 minutes. Ali: nothing's, see what I bought. Ali take out a phone box from his bag. Rashed: its, a new phone wow its smart phone. Ali: yeah! It's a smart phone I like this phone.
Then Ali and Rashed go back to home to study and work in the project.
Rashed remember when Ali was nervous and he take the phone from his bag and he didn't bring the store bag.
In the next day ... Afternoon Rashed go to Alain mall alone then he see Ali go to electronics store . Rashed follow him because he was curious.
He saw Ali stealing phone accessories. Then he go to him. Rashed: Ali what you is wrong . Ali is angry and told Rashed: that's is not your business and why do you follow me? Rashed: okay, do what you want but that's wrong and your father will be very angry.
The security come to take Ali to police station. Rashed saw that's and he called Ali's father.
Ali's father come to police station and go to speak with the police station manager to get his son out of prison.
Ali got out of the police and rode in his father's car with his father and friends Rashed. Ali said: I have done this to turn my father's attention because he is always busy with his work. Ali's father: sory about that's, but I work for your future. Ali: sory dad about that's, dad I want to stay this night with Rashed place. Ali's father: okay you can stay with your friend.

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