Title IX Winifer Fernandez/MOses Monzon and Isaac Bethany

Title IX emerged from social and cultural shifts in the American gender order. Its legal ripples created controversy and pushback from many men who sat atop sport infrastructures from Little Leagues to the NCAA. It has provided women and advocates of female sport participation with a legal tool to advance opportunity for girls and women in education and sport. Over time, many parents, educators, administrators and government leaders followed with its vision and ethic of fair play. Today, thanks to a growing body of research, the advocates for reform in sport and education increasingly base their claims and visions on evidence rather than myth or ideology. And it is out of these historical changes, knowledge production and celebration of its inception that the 2012 Title IX promises equality for all.
Winifred Fernandez played in 15 World Championships matches for the Dominican Republic and in 45 international championships and she’s only 21. She has an individual bronze medal. In 2011, she played in the Girls’ Youth Pan-American Cup, and helped the team to achieve a team gold medal. She was called on to play with her club in 2016 in the World Grand Prix Group 2. The team won the gold.Volleyball Toast She was elected in 2010 at NORCECA (North, Central America and Caribbean Federation) U18 Championship for Best Defensive Player at age 15. In addition, she was also elected Best Digger and Best Receiver, finishing in fourth place with her club, Cien Fuegos, according to Mens SXP. She was awarded the MVP at Baja California International Cup in 2013. “This tournament was a great experience for us, it was also the first one of the year and we feel very proud as a team,” Fernandez told reporters at the event. “I feel so proud about playing this position, for every goal you achieve, this takes you to the next step, willing to work harder, to be more active and to be full of energy for every challenge ahead.”
She is one of the youngest liberos (defensive players) from the Dominican Republic. She has received numerous awards in different international competitions. She continues the tradition of award-winning liberos from the Dominican Republic. She truly has love for the game. When receiving her award for best libero in 2013, she humbly declared her admiration for volleyball in Baja.“We hope that they keep on following and supporting volleyball, which is a very beautiful sport.”

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