The Pueblo Revolt Clair Cremerius

What was the Pueblo Revolt?

The Pueblo Revolt took place in 1680 in the American Southwest. The Spaniards invaded the Native Pueblo territory in 1598, and immediately forced the Natives into slavery. The Spaniards used ruthless tactics such as ordering the leg of ever boy/man over 15 to be cut off when the Pueblos refused to cooperate. Upon arriving to the Americas, the Spaniards colonized the Pueblos sacred land, striping them of their religious beliefs, practices and traditions and forced Christianity unto them.

Revolution vs. Rebellion

The Pueblo Revolt was failed revolution because although they demanded social, economic, and political change, they failed to drive the Spaniards out of their territory. The purpose of the Pueblo Revolt was to get the Spaniards out of the Americas and to return to the simplistic Pueblo traditions that had been previously wiped away from them under the reign of the Spaniards.

Pueblo Political Reform

When the Spanish people arrived in the Americas, the Pueblo tribes were forced into slavery. All of their rights were striped of them. If they refused to cooperate with the Spaniards ways of life, they would immediately be exiled or terribly punished. Although the Pueblo people failed to drive the Spaniards away from the Americas, once the Spaniards finally left the Pueblo territory, Pope, leader of the revolt, took charge and immediately outlawed slavery.

Pueblo Social Reform

Upon the Spaniards arrival, the previously simple and traditionalistic Pueblo tribe was wiped of their religious beliefs, practices, and rituals and forced into Christianity. All Pueblo religious relics and other symbolic treasures were burned and/or thrown away and replaced with Christian relics. Although the Pueblo people failed to get the Spaniards out of the Americas, once the Spaniards with-drawled from the Pueblo tribe, all Christian Relics that were forced unto them were burned. Still to this day Christianity is not accepted within the Pueblo tribe because of the traumatic experiences their ancestors underwent.

Pueblo Economic Reform

While the Spaniards reign in the Pueblo territory, the Pueblo people were enslaved and striped of all personal wealth and belongings. The Spaniards wiped their homes clean, in hope of inflicting fear and power. When the Spaniards decided to move on to a new location, Pope immediately gave all the people their belongings are rights back in order to return to the simplistic and peaceful Pueblo ways.


Although the Revolution failed in driving the Spaniards out of the Americas, the Pueblo people eventually received peace and clarity. Through the denouncing of slavery, the reinstalling of their religious traditions, and the return of all human rights under Pope, the Pueblo people received their political, social, and economic rights.

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