P211.T45? By sam wirth

It was pretty cold but despite the sarcasm it was rather interesting to see what people wrote in the book.

When I went to visit the famous secret book the cannons of rhetoric that was on my mind were delivery and style. The whole presentation of the book and its call number in the silo are shrouded in mystery which intrigues a lot of people. I believe that all people have a natural curiosity and the mystery of this book urges people to find it and mark their own names into the universities history any way they can.

This is me with the call number and the map the librarian circled the silo on so I wouldn't get lost.

The arrangement in the book is also very interesting because if you look into the book there is quite a few blank and empty pages where people could make a large very interesting signature. However, people have elected to leave their signatures on the opposite side of the front and back covers. This results in everyone signing their names on the back of the cover to have small less meaningful signatures. This leads me to believe that people care more about the location of their signature than the meaningfulness and size of it.

Memory also plays a large role in this book as the whole point of the book is to be remembered and embedded in this books history and to a larger extent the school’s history. I believe that the argument this book is trying to make is that we are all apart of the schools history and that we all leave a piece of ourselves at this school whether its positive or negative, Clemson is now a part of you.

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