Good Life Nature Activity at the FLMNH Carly Sampson

Nature on Display

The most interesting thing about this exhibit, of course, is that it's immersive. The mangrove exhibit takes us an entire (small) room of the exam, and is complete with sounds that mimic the ocean and birds. The hardest thing to understand through another medium about mangroves is the scope of the network of the trees, and how they work with other elements of the ecosystem. I think the most appealing part of the entire museum was how immersive each exhibit was. I could almost feel the different environments that were exhibits in the museum, and everything being colorful and beautiful made it a lot of fun to go and see.

Nature and Ethics

The museum allowed me to experience not only nature, but history as well. As soon as I walked in, I was immersed in the culture of Native American Florida. I was enthralled with the murals and the three-dimensional landscapes that were throughout. The scenes frozen in time were intriguing, drawing me into the information written about the scenes. In some rooms, I felt like I was walking straight into nature, sometimes traveling back in time, sometimes shrinking down, and sometimes growing large. I was captivated the entire time. Visiting the museum helped me broaden my idea of nature, thinking past the landscapes that I already know, and thinking of ones I haven't yet visited. It broadened the scope of nature for me, as well as my respect for it. When I was reading about the different environments, I was also reading about the threats to those environments. Knowing about those threats helps me to know how to take better care of the environment.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Part of our collective nature as humans is to seek knowledge. Oftentimes, this involves traveling to places mankind has never been. This has been West, outer space, the moon, and now the deep ocean. We can learn a lot about places through their history, even if we have not visited them yet. Learning about the history of life, and that it all came from the oceans, helps us to understand our new Final Frontier a little bit better. The museum helped me to understand a little bit about where we all came from, which is an invaluable tool when looking at where we are going to go next.

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