Multiplication Madness IT325B

Introduction: In this WebQuest you will explore and learn how to multiply single digit numbers. Multiplication is a strategy used to make addition easier.

Use different small objects to represent a group of numbers when multiplying.

Task: During this WebQuest you will complete the following activities and instructional videos:

  1. Introduction video to multiplication
  2. Read an article on why multiplication is important in the classroom
  3. YouTube video that shows different strategies to use when multiplying
  4. Stimulation multiplication game
  5. Create a short multiplication game with a partner

Process: During the process you will complete the list of tasks provided previously in this WebQUest. Work at your own pace to master the multiplication skills.

Introduction video: This video introduces how to multiply and one strategy to use when you are first learning to multiply. Please watch the video below

Multiplication article: this article explains why multiplications (times tables) are important for students in the classroom. Please read the article below

Multiplication strategies: This video shows you 6 different strategies that you can use when multiplying. Find the one that makes most sense to you and use it when you multiply. Please watch the video below

Multiplication practice game: Complete this game as many times as you need to until you feel that you have mastered the game well enough to move on to the next task. Please play the game below.

Multiplication game designed by you: Please create a multiplication board game with a partner. Your game must be made to have 2-4 players, include multiplication tables 2-6, and it also needs a key with the correct answers on the back of the game or a separate piece of paper so students can check their answers as they play.

Evaluation: Follow this rubric to help you stay on task. This will help you to know what is expected of this assignment.


In this WebQuest you practiced multiplication skills 2-6. You should now almost be a master at these multiplication tables. You explored different strategies on how to multiply and picked the one that worked best for you, you completed and game to help you practice and finally you took a multiplication game for the tables 2-6. You should be getting good at multiplying now and with a little more practice you'll be a master at it!


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