Jonna Burgess living her best life 6 year old although disabled is still a happy camper

Jonna Burgess, a sweet angel diagnosed with Hirschsprungs disease, cerebral palsy, hypoxic eschemic encephalopathy, CVI, seizures, LGS, trach and Gttube. With all that, she still manages to smile. She warms your heart. Her strength and courage let's you know that she isn't letting her disability get the best of her.

Jonna hanging out at the Mermaid parade in Coney Island
Jonna completes Preschool at the SteppingStone Day School
Sister and Brother love, Jonna and Derek Burgess
John Burgess, father of Jonna and Derek Burgess
Donna Cornett, mother of Jonna Burgess

All photos supplied were courtesy of Donna Cornett's Facebook post.

Last photo was taken by Shani Hannah of Donna Cornett and daughter Jonna Burgess.


Pictures were courtesy of Donna Cornett's Facebook page.

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