Nicolas Copernicus By Samuel Guajardo


Nicolas Copernicus was born in 19, 1473 in Toeun, Poland and died May 24, 1543 in Frombork, Poland. His father was a merchant from Kraków and his mother was the daughter of a wealthy Toruń merchant. Nicolaus was the youngest of four children. The most significant event in his life is when he developed his own celestial model of a heliocentric planetary system and Tried to prove that the sun was indeed in the middle of the universe

Heliocentric Planetary System


Nicolas Copernicus claimed that the sun was the center of the universe and all the planets revolved around the sun. He published a book on the revolution of the heavenly bodies which was called De Revolutions his most famous piece of work which was banned by the Roman Catholic Church decades after his death. He is famous for being considered the founder of Modern Astronomy he made astronomical observations with the naked eye a amazing accomplishment years before a telescope was invented.

Connection to the Renaissance or Reformation

Nicolas Copernicus is the pinnacle of a Renaissance man and represented their ideals . He was a tax collector, lawyer, a doctor, military governors, judge, vicar-general of canon law and Polish astronomer. His accomplishments changed the way people thought and even got noticed by the Catholic Church which banned many of his books that questioned the status quo that the earth was the center of the universe not the sun

Signfigance/Life Lessons

What we can learn from Nicolas Copernicus is that no matter what the the common beliefs our at your time you should always try to question them and ultimately reach the truth on different subjects. Due to him other scientists where able to pick up on his theory's and improve them. And in the end others realized that indeed the sun was the center of the universe not the earth.


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