Racing in the rain By David berkenwald

"Saying that you make your own destiny" pg. 68

I also believe that we create our own destiny , this is because if we act well to others and make the right and wrong decisions different things will happen because of these decisions.

"We are creators of our own destiny " pg. 41

We create our destiny and by we it means the people around help us create our destiny by influencing our decistions. Also it helps give a little hope that we can do what we want too.

" I could have watched the race all the that day and the next. I was creating me own destiny" pg. 40

This connects to me by giving me a example of what creating are own destiny is, choose what we want and decide what we do.

"I liked my stuffed dog better clean than smelly, which was something I never would have imagined. But which gave me something I could hold on to." pg. 88

This connects to me because I don't really like change but I try and embrace it and I later find that if I give it a chance I might enjoy or appreciate it.

"And you have to work" pg. 98

This is important to me because I want to work and I have been looking for a job for awhile. I think getting a job will help me because I will get paid and be able to pay for the things I want.


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