Juanita was found on the 8th of September 1995, and was estimated to of died 500 years ago which was around 1495. She was found dead on top of Mount Ampato near Arequipa in Peru, by 2 men named Johan Reinhard and Miguel Zarate who where anthropologists and mountain climbers. She received her nickname 'The Ice Maiden' because when she was found she was completely coated in a thick layer of ice, and is the only mummy that has not completely thawed out. Even ice-man thawed out eventually (ice-man is another ice mummy).

Juanita died as a sacrifice to the sun gods. The incas sacrificed young girls and boys, as children are still innocent and don't have much knowledge in them. Usually they would sacrifice children by wrapping them in cloth and let them freeze to death on top of a mountain, which is Mount Ampato. But Juanita was hit over the head with something which knocked her out and was found many years later on top of Mount Ampato.

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