Mississauga 2.0 by Mohammed Faik

Hello this is Mohammed and today me and my planning committee will be discussing how we can make Mississauga more sustainable in the transportation category.

WHAT ARE SOME PRESENT PROBLEMS ARE EFFECTING MISSISSAUGA'S TRANSPORTATION SUSTAINABILITY? Some current problems include: not having enough transportation, wasting way too much money to supply the vehicles, and lastly not having enough roads to use. Firstly, one problem that we experience with the current transportation method is there are not a lot of transportation available in some parts of Mississauga. Secondly, we are wasting too much money on gas to provide the buses, we are also harming the environment with that gas. lastly, one of the main problems is that there are not enough roads and buses to reach wanted locations. This means that someone who wants to go to a place with no bus stop, they would have to stop at the nearest bus stop then walk to the destination. Also people have to wait a longer time for the bus to arrive because there aren't that many buses. To conclude, some of Mississauga's transportation issues include, ruining the environment by using gas powered buses, the lack of buses when needed, and the traffic that stops everyone from getting to work.

This is the current Mississauga bus route

How do you propose to make Mississauga more sustainable within your urban planning committee? We can fix these issues by providing more bus stops in more places, build more roads, and use electric buses. Firstly, we need to stop using normal buses that run on gas, because not only they waste money, but also ruin the environment, this is very unsustainable. We can fix that issue by providing more electric buses so they can save our government money, and the environment. Secondly, we have to start constructing more roads to fix the traffic and location issue. By doing that we will get less traffic so more people could go to their desired location without being late. This also means that if you live in an area that does not have a lot of roads and you are trying to get to work without a car, you will be covered. lastly, to make the transportation category more sustainable in Mississauga, we are going to provide double the amount of buses that we already have. This is very sustainable because now you will wait less and go to the location you are going without being late. this also means that if a bus needs maintenance you wont be left stranded, instead you will be greeted with another one. In summary, we will make Mississauga's transportation system more sustainable by providing more buses, more roads, and getting rid of gas powered buses.

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