Joan Baez Peace lived


Joan is an American Folk singer, musician and activist that made a lot of songs of protest about social justice for over 55 years. Joan Baez was born on January 9, 1941, in Staten Island, New York and she is currently 76 years old. Baez's music career started when she was young by taking guitar and rock and roll lessons. Her career officially started after graduating high school in Palo Alto, California.

Civil Rights

When the Vietnam War and Civil Rights struggle became really notable issues, Baez focused on them. She showed peace by performing "We shall overcome" in Martin Luther King's march in Washington and she was also frequently seen in the marches. Martin Luther King's marches are for Civil Rights for black people and Joan Baez joining it made it more successful.

Raising Awareness

Joan Baez raised awareness by going with Martin Luther King's marches about black people's rights, because a lot of rules separated and divided U.S. Baez's actions led people's attention on the civil rights issue, to not stay ignorant and act about the inequality before. This action demonstrated peace really well because Baez wanted everybody to get along without violence and inequality, a place where race doesn't matter.

Showing Hope

Joan Baez demonstrated hope by saying, "we can create a new world of non-violence, she teaches, by studying, experimenting with every possible alternative to violence on every level. By learning how to say 'No' to the nation-state, 'No' to war taxes, 'No' to military conscription, 'No' to killing in general, and 'Yes' to cooperation, to building new institutions based on the assumption that murder in any form is ruled out, by making and keeping in touch with non-violent contacts all over the world, by engaging ourselves at every possible chance in dialogue with people to try to change the consensus that it's OK to kill." She is giving people hope to have a peaceful world.

She also ends her concerts with a prayer named "Jerusalem"

I believe there'll come a day when the lion and the lamb will lie down in peace together in Jerusalem. There'll be no barricades then. And there'll be no wires or walls. And we can wash all this blood from our hands, all this hatred from our souls. And I believe that on that day the children of Abraham will lay down their swords forever in Jerusalem.


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