Vive en España Sam izzo

In Southern Europe, festivals are very popular. Key components of the festivals are music and food. International Relations majors that study abroad will come back as "temporary locals."

The dominant religion in Spain is Roman Catholicism. Also, bull fighting is a popular past time. Likewise, students who learn and study cultural pastimes will gain an appreciation for their host culture. As a result students will not think in stereotypes and will become temporary "experts".

When people study in a foreign society, they will become immersed in the culture. This result will cause students to think more analytically and critically These are skills future employers are looking for.

In conclusion, studying abroad will help international relations majors think more culturally. This knowledge is vital when working for a major international organization such as the UN or Peace Corps. Lastly, this wisdom has the power to unite people.


Created with images by Neeta Lind - "Seafood paella at Picaro in the Mission" • stevendepolo - "Toreador Bullfight Plaza de Toros Folkloric Show Cancun Mexico trip 2007 2 111"

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