Sumarta, Indonesia by: kayla tyson

Description on earthquake- December 26, 2004 244,900 people died in result of the massive earthquake. This earthquake was one of the largest ones recorded. Effecting 12 nations around the Indian Ocean, Damage was so great over a thousand homes were destroyed, roads, and everything that was in the town. The Tsunami was caused by Earthquake that was thought to have 23,000 Hiroshima- Type atomic bombs. The tectonic plates were displaced sending shock waves in ever direction. The rupture traveled more than 600 miles, displacing the sea floor over 10 yards.

this shows where the earthquake took place and a map of the area
the earthquake waves
before and after picture as you can see it was alot of damages
some of the damage

i got all my images from google. and all the information thats given in the description came from wikipedia and google I typed in a question and read the web descriptions and put it in my own words. but everything was on google.

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