Parent Concerns with Technology COMMON SENSE MEDIA

Do you think this child is activitly engaged with appropriate technology?

Kids go crazy over You Tube. It’s where they head for news, entertainment, humor, and even knowledge on topics ranging from multiplication to Minecraft. But for all the fun stuff on You Tube, the inappropriate content — from ads to negative comments to swear words and hate speech — — concerns many parents.

To reduce the risk of your kids seeing these disturbing videos, there are a few things you can do. In addition to using only the YouTube Kids app, you can make playlists that play strictly pre-approved content, use Restricted Mode, and remember to flag inappropriate videos, so YouTube won't show them to you.

Are you aware of what your child is watching online?

How do you separate fact from fiction?

Are your kids addicted to online activities?

Screen Time

Cyber bullying, Haters and Trolls

Violence in media

Game addiction
Kids and the media
Learning games
Raising a Relaxed Reader

Social media and kids

Social media


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