top 10 Cafeteria Foods BY: Katie Orillion

The KCHS cafeteria serves many different courses- we asked students what they liked best...

1. Chicken Tenders

This classic finger food is just that- a classic. Many students stomachs begin to rumble when they walk past the aromatic cafeteria filled with these crunchy bits of heaven.

2. French Fries

It comes as no surprise that these crispy slices of delicious potato have no trouble in a popularity contest. Whether they're wedges, sticks, or waffles, you'll find your friends stealing them if you aren't careful!

3. Burrito

This Southwestern delicacy comes in its own package- and whether its for breakfast or lunch students can't seem to get enough of this roll of joy!

4. Pizza

With a little bit of Italian goodness and a lot of cheese, the cafeteria offers so many delicious varieties of pizza students often find it difficult to make a choice!

5. Chicken Pot Pie

It comes as no surprise that students love this southern classic. Some might even say it warms your soul in addition to your stomach.

6. Chili

This flavorful chili fills up hearts and bowls each time it's served- its no wonder its a student favorite!

7. Steamed Veggies

Though it may seem surprising, many students love the array of steamed vegetables our cafeteria offers. As far as winners go, it seems that zucchini and green beans are tied.

8. Burger

Its not surprising that these juicy patties are a student favorite- everyone wants one of these fresh-off-the-grill delicacies!

9. Mashed Potatoes

These edible clouds are not only delicious on their own, they're a gravy boat as well!

10. Meatloaf

This delicious medley of meat and veggies was destined to be popular- some might say it was written in the ketchup.

Did you agree with the students' choices? Check below for the upcoming menu!

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Thank you so much to the students who helped!


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