Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by: kelly aaronson

Nature on Display

For this part of the assignment, I specifically found myself drawn the the "People and Environments of South Florida" exhibit. Upon entering, the room is a deep blue and gives you a very oceanic feel. The models of fish and underwater sea life are absolutely breathtaking and truly make you feel like you are under the sea. I learned a lot from the excerpts of information on the sides, specifically about the large variety of invertebrates under the sea. Walking through this exhibit made me feel very happy and relaxed, which is a nice getaway from the stress of school.

Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History helped me embrace Leopold's call to “love, respect, and admire” the land and view myself as a member of the “biotic community” rather than a “conqueror of the land.” The rainforest is meant for viewing the butterflies and life inside of it- just viewing- and they make that very clear when you first enter and the volunteers around you ask you to avoid touching or disturbing the butterflies. This forces the visitor into a new perspective of the world. In today's society, people are never satisfied with just seeing something- they have to touch it, feel it, get a sense of it in order to appreciate it's beauty. But the Butterfly Rainforest forced me to just view the creatures inside and appreciate them for their beauty. The policy is, "The butterflies don't disturb you, so don't disturb the butterflies." To look at the butterflies without touching them allowed me to find Leopold's notion of admiring the nature and joining the "biotic community."

Engrossed by culture
They even had caves!

Nature and the Human Spirit

For my final assignment of finding an exhibit that made my perspective on life change temporarily, I found the "South Florida People and Environments" Exhibit. This exhibit is filled with images of the earlier days when south Florida was just emerging, giving insight into Native American culture and including scenes and information on this time period and how these people live that truly immerses you into the topic and makes you feel like you're a part of the culture for just a few minutes of browsing through the area.

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