Why does Global Warming/ Climate Change happen so fast By Jacob Voxland

Not Only Does Climate Change Affect Us, It Also Affects Marine Life and Animals In Anarctica

While we are dealing with warmer weather, marine life is dealing with a warming ocean. Also in animals in Antarctica, including polar bears, penguins, whales, albatrosses, and seabirds face similar conditions as well. The animals in Antarctica also face habitat loss.

One of the leading causes of Global Warming is the sun

People think that chemicals form factories causes global warming, they are actually worng. The rays that the sun creates heat that heats up the oceans. Not only does it warm the ocean it warms the land and air of the earth. It also makes winter have little to no snow.


Ocean science


Outsmarting climate change

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Created with images by USFWS Headquarters - "Coral at Jarvis Island National Wildlife Refuge" • Antelao - "marmolada glacier mountain landscape"

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