The Cretaceous period is the the longest and last period of the Mesozoic area and ties up the Jurassic period. most of the famous dinosaurs are in this period and this period has been known to be the most influential. this is when the dinosaurs were eliminated and went extinct so this is probably the most benefitel of the time periods


therizinosauras a large is a large herbivore (1) creature found in the later cretaceous along side every ones favorite t-rex had to defend itself from the king of the reptiles, so what did they? 6 large claws to slash at predators or grab branches

1. fun fact a therizinosaurus skull has never been found but scientists are sure that the therizinosaurus is in fact a herbivore

The most know dinosaur the tyrannosaurus rex most popular made by the movie Jurassic park which the trex and the raptors are the best known carnivores in the movie.tyrant lizard is one of the top predators of the time. tyrannosaurs is one of the weirdest body types for a carnivore in the way it has tiny arms but a giant head made for using a crunching bite.

pterasaurs, a different category of prehistoric creature pterasaurs are not actually dinosaurs. they are a seperate category because a dinosaur is been said to stay on the ground (or glide) but when the creature a pterasaur.

carnotaurus is a smaller carnivorer then most of the predators and is probally one of the weirdest creatures. like a trex it has smaller arms and a big head. but it has one other feature is horns.

kronosaurus is a large plesiosaur which is a dinosaur that breathes air and lives underwater to hunt. kind of like a whale except this thing will eat you. largest of the plesiosaurs it has a shorter neck but is still the so said deadliest of them

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