Iceland - February 2017 Waterfalls & Weather

This was my second trip to Iceland inside 4 months - it's such an inspirational place for photos and this trip took us off the beaten track to the east coast of the island in the hope to beat the many tour buses whizzing around the island. Although this was a photography tour, I made a conscious effort to take a few photos and then sit back and take in the natural beauty of the island which, if you are into the outdoors is a place you should try get to, although as tourism is booming so are the tour buses at each of the beauty locations, so try go sooner rather than later. Just click on any of the images for a larger version.

Before we got to our accommodation we stopped at the waterfall known as Seljalandsfoss which is lit up at night - what an introduction.

We hit the road early next morning in the hope of catching the sunrise at Vestrahorn but due to the weather we got a bit delayed so we stopped at the beach at Jökulsárlón, known as the diamond beach as bits that break off the glacier return to the black sands in smaller, diamond like shapes. We caught the early rays of the sun just before the coaches started arriving.

Then on to the long drive to Vestrahorn. I could have spent all day there but the weather turned quite nasty, It was such a stunning place and my photos do not do it justice which means of course that it gives me another reason to think about a return trip !! The light changes here by the minute, as does the weather, so next time its flasks of coffee & packed lunches.

Stopped off at a glacier on the way home, as you do :)

Just before it got dark we spotted a small waterfall, so parked up and hopped a fence into what could have been a set from Rivendell !! Beautiful spot, you can see where Tolkien got his inspiration for some his his Lord of the Rings scenes.

That night the storm hit, and what a storm. The house was shaking (nothing to do with the snoring) and the wind was so strong that it was forcing the rain in through the windows. There was a travel ban in place the next day on the south of the island due to the hurricane force winds, along with avalanche warnings so it was a bit of a washout for photos. We still drove around to some spectacular spots with sea stacks, blow holes and some serious surf action but the cameras stayed firmly in the car. Risked a few shots at the falls, Skogafoss & Seljandsfoss (walked behind the falls here as I was soaked anyway !!)

Arrived back at our hotel and discovered that the power was out all along the east coast - no light, heat nor flushing loos, so, after a drive to find dinner, we stopped back at Skogafoss for a few night-time shots. The wind had died down as had the rain, and, as we only had darkness in the hotel sure what else would you do ?

Power was restored during the night so after hot showers in the morning it was off to the balck beach at Reynisfjara. Again, my photos don't do the beach justice, the sheer power and noise was breathtaking. This beach has lots of warnings posted as quite a few tourists have been washed out by the strong waves and never found, this didn't stop the bus loads of tourists from posing in the surf and, on more than one occasion, a few of them took a dip and were knocked over by the waves. This beach also has basalt columns similar to the giants causeway but we didn't venture down too far on the beach due to the big swells.

After a bit of brekkie the rain & winds returned making photos before lunch impossible. Nonetheless, the weather did brighten up a bit and we went cross country and found another hidden waterfall - and what a beauty.

Final hike took us on an 8km round trip to the runs of a DC-3 jet. One of the most iconic photo locations on the island.

Despite the weather there are so many stunning locations on the island that there is always something to do, would I go back ?? In a heartbeat, but need to work on the bank balance first. Want to get back to Vestrahorn and see the lights again which were absent during this trip, keeping my fingers crossed.


All photos copyrigh Kevin Morris Photography 2017

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