Chameleon By Lydia and Poppy

Some Chameleon's live in Madagascar and Africa,south of the Sahara;Others live in Asia, Southern India ,Sri Lanka and some parts of Europe.

Fun fact

Did you know that a Chameleon's tongue can reach its pray in 0.07 split seconds.

Chameleon's are suited to live in hot climates because of their skin which adapts to what's around them. They also live in the humid forest's because that's where they find their pray,such as:Crickets, grasshoppers, Locusts and stick bugs, however larger Chameleons eat birds and lizards.

If there was an extreme climate change then the forests won't be damp and the chameleons won't have their ideal pray/food.Their skin however would change to the temperature.

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Lydia & Poppy

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