How to Import OLM File to MS Outlook or Office 365 Efficient Process to Access Outlook Mac 2011 emails from Windows Outlook /Office 365

Summary: The primary intent of this tutorial is to guide you how to import OLM File to MS Outlook or Office 365. It speaks about both manual and software solution to cater to the import request in an efficient manner. Read on to know more.

Email-client service is one of the most extensively used application nowadays. To cater to this effective communication service, several applications are available in the marketplace. Among all email client applications, MS Outlook is one of the most renowned. Both personal and professional users use it. The secret to its success lies in its seamless connectivity, simple GUI, and easy operability.

MS Outlook— A Pioneering Email Client Application

This versatile app is available for Windows as well as Mac Operating Systems. The only difference that distinguishes them is support for their data storage file format. The Windows Outlook support PST Files and Mac Outlook supports OLM Files to save user data.

Web-Based Application—A Smart Alternative to Desktop-Based Apps

With constant evolution in technology, people have also evolved their storage mode. They do not only rely on Cloud for backup. Also, they have started using the online apps that offer a cloud-based interface to work as well as save. With all these demands, the switching from desktop-based apps to online applications have become an ongoing trend.

Microsoft Office 365—A Cutting-edge Online Email Client Application

To cater to this program efficiently, Microsoft Office 365 is the first choice. The reason being comfortable and secure operability of this web-based application. Not only this, Office 365 also offers multiple software on its subscription. In simple words, the only application that offers MS Office application complete usage for Windows as well as Mac users.

Switching from Desktop-Based App to Web-Based Application

Therefore, if you are a Mac user, and looking forward to switching to Windows, but worried, as Windows MS Outlook does not support .olm data files, then this blog is a comprehensive guide for you. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to convert OLM data files into PST format and save the OLM file in Office 365 without using Mac system. Read on to know more.

How to Import OLM File to MS Outlook or Office 365?

Indeed, you cannot import Mac Outlook OLM file directly to Office 365. Thereby, you first need to convert them into the PST Files and then you can import them to Office 365.

OLM to PST Conversion

To import OLM into Windows Office 365, an individual first needs to import the OLM Files into Windows Outlook. To execute this program, you have to set up an IMAP account and using it, you can easily transfer OLM file data to PST.

To setup an IMAP account, a Gmail account can also be used. To execute it, follow the below steps:

• Under Accounts, with the Gmail account, configure the OLM File

• Create a Gmail Label

• Now, with the IMAP account, synchronize the OLM file

• After a successful completion of synchronization, from OLM file, move all data to the IMAP mailbox

• Now, go to Import section

• Under Import section, move IMAP mailbox emails to MS Outlook

The process to transfer OLM file emails in MS Outlook is complete. Moreover, the PST File is ready to be imported to Office 365.

How to Import PST file to Office 365?

The PST File can be imported efficiently to Office 365 using Microsoft PST Capture Tool. This advanced tool simply captures the PST File and migrates the salvaged data.

To cater to this import process, an individual needs to first search the desired PST File and then import it to organization- specific mailboxes.

Certain Things to Consider Prior to Installing the PST Capture Tool are as follows:

• To the Local Administrators group on the server, add the service account

• On all machines, manually install the agents of PST Capture

• Ensure whether the account is the Organization Administrator group member

Steps to Import PST file to Office 365 are as follows:

• Download and install PST Capture Tool

• Launch the tool

• Now, the main window will offer you two options—New PST Search and New Import List

• Here, choose New PST Search. Moreover, also select a single client computer in the domain

• Now, you will be prompted to a list of default options. Choose the right option from here accordingly.

• Now, you will be asked how you want to run the scan. You either can choose manually or can schedule as per your convenience.

• Click Finish

• Move back to PST Capture Tool Console

• Verify the machine name

• Choose Search All Now option

• Now, from the list, choose the desired server as well as the PST File.

• Click on to the New Import List and choose Cloud Import

• Click on to the newly created Cloud Import List

• Log-in using Office 365 account credentials to create cloud connection

• Verify all the settings options

• Now, configure the Message Import option

• Choose Archive Mailbox option settings

• From non-mail items setting, select items that are to be imported.

• Go to Staging area Settings and view both the location and size of PST file.

• Now, go to Import tolerance settings and set the desired time at which you want to cancel the migration process in case of too many failures.

• Now, click on to General settings, and set it in accordance to the preference.

• Click Ok. You will be dragged to the main screen.

• Now, click on to Set mailbox option

• A dialog box prompting about the available mailboxes to migrate the PST contents will pop. From here, select the preferred mailbox.

• Under mail screen, you can see selected mailbox PST file

• Now, select Import All Now option

• Click OK

• Login to your Office 365 account again

• Launch Outlook OWA

By, this end of this process, users will be able to view the added PST along with calendar entries in the Calendar view.


However, this above-mentioned method helps you in importing a PST File to Office 365 efficiently yet it has certain limitations associated with it that can create risks. Further, the process is lengthy being a manual method. Due to these two factors, chances of errors are likely.

The question then arises on how to import OLM to Outlook and import OLM to Office 365?

Alternative Solution

In case, if you are migrating to Office 365 and looking forward to a simple, easy, and fast conversion tool, then the third-party solution is a right option for you. The third-party conversion tool is quick, straightforward, and free from manual intervention.

No doubt, multitudes of conversion tools are available to cater to Outlook data files to Office 365 migration; however, to cater to your requirement efficiently, you must select a tool that offers OLM file to PST migration plus an option to salvage the converted PST file into Office 365 format.

Here is a wise solution—Stellar OLM to PST Converter. This reliable tool converts OLM data files to MS Outlook as well as Office 365 in a hassle-free manner.

About Stellar OLM to PST Converter

Powerful design, optimal functionality, seamless integrity, fast processing, easy steps, and reliability best describes Stellar OLM to PST Converter. The ultimate utility efficiently converts Mac Outlook data files to MS Outlook in a hassle-free manner. With this hands-on software, you can effortlessly migrate from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook along with all the emails and mail components such as Inbox, Calendars, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks.

Additionally, this professional solution also promises to keep data intact during as well as after migration. Numerous easy options back this software. Using any of the desired options, you can easily make the conversion process as smooth as possible. The powerful and reliable software allows you to salvage the converted files into varying formats such as PST, EML, and MSG.

In simple words, it is a comprehensive solution for all those who need to switch to MS Outlook from Outlook Mac. It translates the email components conveniently.

Thus for users who wish to switch to MS Outlook from Outlook Mac, this is probably a sure-shot solution.

Key Traits of Stellar OLM to PST Converter

• Presence of Live update wizard

• Facilitates Select or Find OLM file option

• Option to salvage converted emails into EML, MSG, and PST

• Includes option to store conversion process Log report

• Provides a preview of emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and calendars.

• Ensures secure conversion of Inbox, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, etc. to PST

• Facilitates saving of multiple mailboxes as a separate PST or a single PST profile

• Allows appending of newly created PST File into the existing PST File

• Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007

Stellar OLM to PST Converter: Its Functions:

• Selects OLM File

• Check Preview of Emails

• Saves OLM File into Office 365 Format

How to Select or Find OLM File?

To select an OLM Mailbox, steps are as follows:

• Go to the File Menu

• Click on to Select OLM Mailbox icon

• Choose Select Mailbox

• Under the open dialog box, choose the desired the OLM file

• Click on Open

• Click on Convert option

To find an OLM Mailbox, steps are as follows:

In case you are not sure about the location of the OLM mailbox, you can search it easily using Find Mailbox Option. This option allows you to locate the desired file in folders, drives, and sub-folders.

Note: At a single instance, you can only select one drive for search.

The steps are as follows:

• Go to Select Mailbox dialog box

• Click on to the Find Mailbox option

• Now, in Look in list box, choose the desired drive

• Click on Find option to locate the OLM Files

• After the successful completion, a list of all OLM Files for the selected drive will be generated

• From this extensive options, choose the desired file that you want to convert.

• Click on OK.

• Now, under Select Mailbox dialog box, click on Convert.

How to Preview Emails?

An individual can easily preview all the converted mails and mailboxes items such as mails, tasks, notes, calendars after a successful OLM File conversion. All the converted OLM Files are displayed in the Left pane under Root note from where you can preview the files.

Steps are as follows:

• Go to the Preview window

• Under Root Note, in the left pane, select the desired OLM filename from the tree like structure

• Now, from the right pane containing the list of converted mails, select the desired email

By the end of this process, you can view the content of the desired mail.

How to Save Converted Mailbox as a PST file?

To save the converted Mailbox as a PST file, follow the steps below:

• Go to File menu

• Click on Save Converted Mailbox

• Under Save Mailbox Option dialog box, choose the desired PST File

• Click on OK

• The Save dialog box will pop up. It will show two options— Save as a new Outlook PST File and Append data into an existing profile / PST file

o To save the Converted Mailbox to a new PST File -

i. Choose Save as a new Outlook PST File

ii. In case if you wish to salvage every converted mailbox as an individual PST file, choose Save each mailbox as individual PST option

iii. In case if you need to store all the converted mailboxes in a single PST file, go for Save all mailboxes in single PST option.

iv. Click on to Browse option

v. Specify the destination to store the PST File

vi. Click Ok

o To save converted mails to an existing Outlook profile / PST file

o For Outlook Profile

i. Click on Append data into an existing profile / PST file option

ii. Choose the desired Profile

iii. Select Outlook Profile option

iv. Choose the preferred Profile from the list

o For PST File

i. Click on to Select Outlook PST file

ii. Click on to Browse option to choose the PST File

iii. Click on to OK

How to Import PST File in MS Outlook?

In case you are using Microsoft Outlook 2013 / 2010, follow the steps below:

i. Click and open Microsoft Outlook

ii. Go to File menu

iii. Click on Open

iv. Select Import

v. Choose Import and Export Wizard

vi. From here, click on to Import from another program or file

vii. Click on Next

viii. Under Import a File dialog box, choose Outlook Data File

ix. Click on Next

x. Click on to Browse and search the desired PST File to import

xi. Click Next

xii. Under Import Outlook Data File dialog box, select the Folder to import

xiii. Click Finish

In case you are using Microsoft Outlook 2007 / 2003, steps are as follows:

i. Go to Microsoft Outlook

ii. Open File menu

iii. Now, choose Import and Export option

iv. Under the Import and Export Wizard, choose Import from another program or file option

v. Click on to Next

vi. Under Import a File dialog box, choose the PST File

vii. Click on to Next

viii. Click on to Browse option

ix. Locate the desired PST File to import

x. Press Next button

xi. From the Import Personal Folders dialog box, choose folders that need to be import

xii. Click Finish

The Bottom Line

In the current scenario, users are switching from desktop-based apps to web-based apps in the case of email client application. Thus, there is a dire need of understanding the intricacies involved with it.

Therefore, if you are planning a migration to Windows Outlook from Mac Outlook, you need to convert OLM to PST first and then import them.


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