LIGHT Assignment #2

Challenge yourself for this assignment to wake up early just before sunrise. Watch the sun rise and begin to see the beauty of light. First light is fleeting, and that is why it is special. This assignment will focus on the quality of natural light, it's character, subtleties and beauty. No artificial light is permitted. First light is magical. Do not worry if you can't handle early morning, I will give you the option of the hour around sunset. It is your pick but that beautiful light of sunrise or sunset must be the theme of your photographs. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A LANDSCAPE. IT COULD BE THE WAY THE LIGHT FALLS ON AN OBJECT OR SUBJECT. It does not have to literally be a photograph of an actual sunrise or sunset but the light at those times and how it lights scenes or objects. Do not forget about what you learned from Assignment #1 about utilizing an interesting vantage point. Try your best to look at harsh and soft light depending on the weather. Always submit 5 images. Mark one as your best.

One of student Margaret Veatchbibler's photographs was of an egg with light diffused by a window screen.
Student Ricardo Davalos looked at how harsh light fell on his subject.
Photo by Gigi Mariscotti

Gigi utilized late afternoon light and took an unusual point of view by centering on the shadow of a person on another person's shirt. Very interesting and different.

Photo by Peter Goodwin

Peter looked at the effects of light and the shadows and reflections by looking at the way light reflected off of a swimming pool.

Photo by Chanpreet Dosanjh

Chanpreet looked at late afternoon light and how it lit this landscape of construction.

  • Submit 5 images for grading by MONDAY, September 18, by midnight.


Created with images by hanburak - "sun holding light"

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