Photojournalism - Assignment 4 John Cusick - HNDP Year 2

Peter Kennard is by far the Godfather of photomontage, some of his montages are easy to decipher, while some take more time to think. I have selected two images which I have researched.

Petrol War - KennardPhillips

When I first looked at this image, my initial thought was petrol prices had shot up. I thought this because it was obvious to me that the petrol pump was elevated and a bullet was shooting out from the nozzle given me that impression of "price shooting up". I wasn't far off the mark here as it actually was a photomontage of the Iraqi War and how it affected the price of oil, especially when the oil fields were set alight during the war.

Capital Expense - KennardPhillips

Similarly when I first saw this image, my initial thoughts were "Brother in Arms" that have hurt the world so badly due to their own political gains. No expense was spared during any of the wars that Prime Minister Blair & President Bush were involved in. Blood was shed, soldiers never returned & families mourned the world over. No amount of band aids will ever take away the shame of the events that happened, either in the past or in future.

Challenged with my own assignment on photomontage, I chose to blend a few images together with advanced image editing techniques that I already knew and some knew ones I have just learned on my course, please look at the image and see if you can guess what I was trying to say, or maybe what it said to you? I will described below the image what message I was trying to get over to the viewer.

Photomontage - John Cusick

Scotland Building Bridges Not Walls

For this assignment I chose to show that while Donald Trump is busy designing a wall to keep out immigrants from Mexico, Scotland was busy putting the final touches to a new bridge over the River Forth that will stand proudly next to two other iconic bridges The Forth Road Bridge & The Forth Rail Bridge. The montage is a tongue in cheek view by saying rather than building walls why not build bridges?

In making this, my mind kept changing on how I wanted it to look and how many messages that the images told in the story, it was quite pleasing to see my creative juices were flowing. I used an image of mine of the bridges for the background first off all then I sourced all my other images through the Creative Commons Website. First of all I cut out Donald Trump, then I sourced a map of Mexico that I free transformed in Photoshop and used a displacement map to cover Trumps face and in doing so I placed the map so that he looked like "The Joker", afterall he thinks he has all the "Aces" up his sleeve, maybe a "Trump Card"? I then found an American Flag and a Lego building block and used the map image as a displacement map on the Lego. Then using layers in photoshop i started to build the photomontage, but I wasn't quite finished there, I thought I could use a textured image of a wall that had flaking paint on it that would give a grungy feel to the image, I achieved this through using Blend If in Photoshop.

Images Used

I hope you got the meaning or at least interpreted it in some way that you came to the same conclusion as i set out to show.


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Created with images by pixel2013 - "woman desert tree thoughtless" • Kate~2112 - "The Reading Room" • Mon Quixote - "i kept telling Geoff the Stormtrooper, but he wouldn't listen."

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