Chapter 5 Gregory santangeli


I liked this shot the best because it captured the relaxation and peace life can give someone.


This is the original photo of my eye that I took. I was really excited to edit it since I've always wanted to take a photo like this.
In order to make this photo, I took my old photo of my eye and turned it black and white. After this was done, I lightened the outside of the eye where there is color, while also blurring everything in the photo with iris blur except for the center of the eye. When this was done, I used the color balance in order to make the eye look green instead of its normal hazel color. Next, I used two photos it took with my telescope of the galaxy m101 and the cone nebula and overlaid them into the eye.
This is the original photo. Personally, I thought it was a little too bland and dark.
In order to change my old photo to this new one, I decided to do a few things that effected it's color. This first thing I did was increase the vibrance and saturation s the photo would "pop out". Not only this, but I also increased the brightness to... well, make it brighter. After that, I completely altered the curves in order to push the photo towards a more green/blue mood. Overall, I thought that these edits make the photo "happier", and more approachable.


Asymmetrical: These are my asymmetrical photo. I chose to put these first because I like asymmetrical photography better than symmetrical photography. This is because asymmetry gives the photo an interesting aspect, which makes every part of the picture different. This lets the reader interpret the photograph in many different ways.
Symmetry: Compared to asymmetrical photography, symmetrical photography to me seems very boring. This is because the images are usually very simple and don't vary much.


Artest: Reinhard Dirscherl

Link to his amazing photo collection (seriously there is thousands of photos here!): For my Influential section, I chose the travel and underwater photographer, Reinhard Dirsherl. I chose this artist because I have a real interest in underwater photography and Reinhard captured it perfectly. One thing that I love which he does is capture beautiful close ups of hist targeted animals. This is shown in photo one and two, where he manages to his specimens features yet still include their habitat. The best example of this is the sun behind the Indonesian Sea Snake. I am also surprised by the difficult animals he manages to shoot. For example, photo 3 which is a nautilus. These creatures are extremely rare (and living fossils!), and not only this, but he must of been so lucky since a normal dive in scuba gear is around 45 minutes excluding the decompression stop. I also looked into some of the strategies Reinhard uses when shooting photos. One of the most interesting strategies Reinhard uses is his "sneakiness". This is that when he is shooting photos, he tries to blend in with the habitat, making as little noise as possible, so he can get creature in their natural habitat.

Thematic: Word=Animals

This is my favorite photo because it really shows the beauty of nature in its natural habitat. I also really like the contrast of the white owl and the green plants.

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