Rosa Parks Civil Rights Leader "God has always given me strength to say what is right"

Hello everyone! Today I will be talking about a well known civil rights leader, Rosa Parks. Now Rosa Parks was a very prompt leader in the civil rights movement, for two reasons, the first one is she ignited the movement itself, the second is she had been the cause for the boycott of the montgomery buses.

Here is a picture of Rosa Parks sitting on a bus in what seems to be around the time of the montgomery bus boycott.

What she wanted

When Rosa was little she had went to a small industrial school just for girls and the school praised the idea of self worth and consistently which was something Rosa’s mother always referred to, but when it was night time, she would hear lynchings, the ku klux klan, robberies, and sometimes worst, and when rosa got older she decided she wanted to teach people and so she went to university to become one, but since blacks at that time did not have many rights she was only able to become a seamstress. And so she desired for african americans to have civil rights.

Here is the picture of the Police report which was filled out when Rosa was arrested.

Why she wanted it

While Rosa was growing older and the years went by and she saw how blacks were treated and wanted to help them so badly, one of the reasons for this was the corrupt police force, most of the time a african american was arrested the cops would beat them, hurt them or harass them. And sometimes kill them. And through her entire life and many others, she was treated as a second class citizen. Back then it was just survival for many African Americans, even Rosa was afraid that her house would be burned down.

How did she get it?

After Rosa got married to her husband, and they both decided to join NAACP in which she became a field secretary, which was a organization who would go to lynchings, murder and robberies and try to solve them the main reason for the NAACP was to challenge the law and its enforcement, when Rosa was on her way home, she used a bus to get home like usual, but when the front seats of the bus filled up in the white section, the bus driver instructed 4 African Americans to move off the bus. Three of them moved but one didn’t, that one was Rosa, she even knew what African Americans went threw if they did something bad or didn’t obey. She wasn’t scared though. She knew she was not alone in this

This was the very picture which has Rosa Parks finger prints on the day she was arrested.

Positive and Negative Consequences

Positives: After Rosa was arrested, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa formed the boycott of the Montgomery buses, and what made Rosa even more special is that before Rosa, two other women decided to not give up their seat but the people in charge decided that Rosa would be a better representative than the other two women was for her, impeccable character and flawless traits. With the bus boycott came the igniting of the civil rights movement, after the boycott ended, the law of segregation of buses was removed, leading the start of the civil rights movement all because a woman decided not give up her seat. And because of her contributions to the civil rights movement her body and casket were put in the state capital, a honor mainly used for presidents, she was the first woman and the second African american to stay there. When Rosa’s Husband died she decided she still wanted to teach people and so, she made a program for kids anywhere in the country to travel and learn more about the world. Because of Rosa’s efforts she was rewarded a congress medal and another, and she also had a medal established in her honor.

"I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free... so other people would be also free." By Rosa Parks
Here is the actual bus, the bus diagram and the place where the very bus Rosa Parks rode on the day she ignited the civil rights movement

Positive and Negative Consequences Continued

Negatives: Now Rosa caused many positive things but with good there must be bad, now after being arrested the boycott was formed, but hundreds of african americans were arrested during that time because of the boycott and many blacks would be beaten, harassed or killed when arrested, And after she was arrested she was fined for violating city ordinance.

"People always say that I didn't give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn't true. I was not tired physically... No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in." By Rosa Parks.

Was Rosa Parks Successful?

I honestly think she was even after the threats she faced, arrests, she still tried and tried again to help and her efforts were successful for her changing how blacks were treated and making a program for kids to travel the country and to learn more even after losing her husband, mother and brother. She even earned two medals and had a medal established in her honor. Which shows that hard work pays off in many ways.

"There is just so much hurt, disappointment, and oppression one can take... The line between reason and madness grows thinner."
Said by Rosa Parks


This is the end of my paragraphs all about the civil rights leader, Rosa Parks. Who was so much of a inspiration to so many people and helped ignite the civil rights movement and bring us to where we are now! A diverse country with a welcoming community


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