Tongue Cancer Brenyn porter

Tongue Cancer - oral cancer that begins in the cells of the tongue. It often begins in the squamous cells on the top of the tongue. It affects the tongue. p53 expression and gene p53 (in chromosome 17) are mutated in tongue and oral cancer.

The Stages

In Stage One there is a tumor that is less than two centimeters in size and has not spread anywhere.

In stage Two the tumor is less than four centimeters in size but more than two and has not spread anywhere.

In stage Tree the tumor is more than four centimeters in size and could have spread to he lymph nodes.

In stage Four the cancer could have spread to the lip tissues and around the oral cavity, also could be in the lymph nodes. The cancer could also be spread to other parts of the body.

Prevention Plans for Tongue Cancer:

If you chose to be sexually active get tested to make sure you do not have HPV.

If you are not sexually active get vaccinated for HPV.

Do not use tobacco of any kind, and only drink alcohol in moderation.

Take care of your teeth and gums.

If you ever have to wear dentures in your life make sure that they fit right to your mouth.

Tongue Cancer

Treatment for this type of Cancer

Surgery, the surgeon can cut out the entire tumor from your tongue.

Radiation therapy, will administer radiation to the tissue in the tongue that is cancerous.

Chemotherapy, this is often put together with radiation therapy. This uses anti cancerous drugs to kill cancer cells throughout the body.

Drug therapy, this targets the cancer cells and stops the cell growth.

Lifestyle Choices, like I said in the prevention plan cutting out all use of tobacco and alcohol will help.

How many and what type of people have this disorder?

Tongue cancer is becoming way more common in young people than in older.

This cancer is starting to decrease in some areas of the world and increase in others.

Oral cancers are fairly very rare. Oral cancers represent only 3 percent of all cancers.

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