Graphic Design and Fashion By Haley Cowman Instagram:

Fashion and graphic design go hand in hand. Any type of lettering, floral design or even stripes, someone designed it. This page gives example of graphic designs and the personal reasons I chose to buy these items!

*not original photos

Graphic design includes patterns, shapes and words. Graphic design in fashion is taken from daily life patterns like leaves and colors or simply designs from imagination.

Full outfit
Up close view of the design

This shirt, from PacSun features a small circle at the top saying "Santa Monica California". While I have never been to Santa Monica, I gravitated towards this top, which is actually a body suit, because of the "surfer" vibe it gives. It is also simple which I tend to prefer.

This is also a body suit. The stripes are small and simple. From Brandy Melville.

This is a floral dress, yet the design of the flowers is small and delicate against the black. I prefer clothes that are black, and I liked this dress, from Pimkie, because if the loose summer fit and the not-so-bright flowers. While this dress is definitely a spring dress, you are able to dress it up or down as you please.

This shirt, from H&M, features palm trees on a light pink background. While I don't normally stray from my black (or white/gray) colored wardrobe, when I bought this I liked the palm trees and the summer/spring look of the shirt.

This shirt, from Brandy Melville is one of my favorites because it is white and black with a little alien embroidered on it. I like that the alien is not printed it's embroidered on because it gives the otherwise very plain and slightly see through shirt some texture.

This is very similar to the dress with the floral print, however the flowers are slightly bigger. The sweater, also from H&M, is black which I liked, but I did have a hard time deciding to buy it. I bought it because I knew spring was coming and the floral pattern is perfect for spring. No to mention it is extremely comfortable.

It's black!! This H&M shirt has lettering down the sleeves and the front. I liked this shirt for its mix of athletic and urban feel.

Portland is my home town so it's not hard to guess why I was attracted to this shirt. I also happen to love Adidas, their original logo

Ugh. I don't know why but I liked the word. This shirt, from LA Hearts at PacSun is super cute with both jeans and skirts! It's a simple gray color and halter top, easy to layer things with it.

This shirt is from Scout, it's a baseball tee, which I really like because it gives the athletic/ sporty vibe. The lettering is bold and big on the shirt with a large number, giving it the look of a vintage baseball jersey.

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