Is There Gender Equality At Leigh? ~ proving that Leigh High school sports aren't equal ~

The Leigh High School News Paper

1st Picture: On the front cover of the most recent news paper, it advertises the Boy's Baseball team.

2nd & 3rd Pictures: In the sports column of the last news paper, it shows many pictures, but not a single one containing any girls.

Softball and Baseball Dugout

1st Picture: Girl's Softball Dugout - metal fence, tarp, metal bench.

2nd Picture: [unable to get picture] Boy's Baseball Dugout - built up, wood, insulated, metal bench with cushions.

Softball and Baseball Bullpen

1st Picture: Girl's Softball Bullpen - dirt and weeds, bases practically covered, very small.

2nd Picture: Boy's Baseball Bullpen - new fake grass, clean bases, big.


On the left, is a boys basketball, it's bigger, newer, cleaner. And on the right is a girls basket ball, it's smaller, older, and dirty. Plus, the boys basketball has the Leigh longhorns symbol on it, and the girls doesn't.

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