Types of Clouds By: Brooklyn

Stratus Clouds are low hanging Clouds, usually only one and a half kilometers in the atmosphere. They are spread out and usually cover most or all of the sky. The weather that associated with them is cloudy, cool weather. If they thicken, they may produce drizzle or rain, at which point they will become nimbostratus clouds.
Nimbostratus Clouds are also low hanging clouds, but are thicker than Stratus clouds. They are about 2 kilometers in the atmosphere. These clouds usually bring rain or some form of precipitation. They weather associated with them is dark, overcast weather.
Cumulus Clouds are the fluffy, cotton ball clouds. They form less than 2 kilometers above the ground, but sometimes grow in size and height until they stretch up about 18 kilometers. Cumulus clouds that aren't very big usually come with good weather. These clouds are very common on sunny days.
Altostratus Clouds are like Stratus clouds, but much higher. They are between 2-6 kilometers above Earth's surface. They also have cooler weather, but don't stretch as far across the sky.

Altocumulus clouds are like Cumulus clouds, but are much higher up. They are also around 2-6 kilometers in the air. These clouds are also associated with warm, sunny weather. These clouds still have the cotton ball shaped features.

Cumulonimbus Clouds are the huge, towering clouds. They can stretch from 4-12 kilometers in the air, but can sometimes be much bigger. Cumulonimbus clouds are high, flat topped clouds. These clouds are what bring thunderstorms.
Cirrocumulus Clouds are high clouds, that form around 5 kilometers in the atmosphere but may form higher. These clouds are small, patched clouds that form in rows. They usually indicate coming precipitation.
Cirrus Clouds are the wispy, feathery Clouds. These clouds form high in he atmosphere. They only form around 6 kilometers or higher. Up there, the temperatures are very low. Because of this, Corrus clouds are made of ice crystals.


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