Where I've been

We landed on an island called the Cicones. We took everything we could but then an army that lived their was trying to defend their island. They were skilled on horseback. We had to flee because of how massive the army was.

After that we sailed to an island full of Cyclops's. They were gross, large one eyed monsters. My men and I got caught in one of their homes. He ate men ruthlessly. All of our men couldn't move the door so we made a plan. We were able to escape with most of our men but the ones who didn't survive gave their lives for the ones who lived. That cyclops was no match for a strong intelligent man like me.

Next we sailed to an island that was covered in lotus plants and the people that ate them. They seemed hypnotized by the plant. Some of our men ate some of the plant and didn't want to leave they were addicted instantly. We had to drag them off that island.

After escaping the cyclops we sailed to the island of Aeolia. There the wind god Aeolus gave me a small bag of wind. If anyone opened that bag we would spend a lot more time trying to get home. My sailors were to curios and opened the bag without my knowing.

Next after that we sailed to the Laestrygonians. They were very large cannibals. They destroyed every ship except mine. Our ship was the only one to escape.

The next island we landed on to stock up on supplies was the island of Circe. My men heard beautiful music so they followed it. They ended up meeting Circe and they drank a wine and it turned them into animals. Then I had to save them by staying with Circe for years. I was the only one who knew how to not get turned into an animal and it was by eating some type of plant. She trapped me there for years and wouldn't let me leave but eventually we were able to leave.

Next I needed to go to the land of the dead to meet Teiresias. I had to bring him a heifer. When I went into the land of the dead I heard cries of multiple people but I didn't expect to see my mother in the dead. The fact that I saw her there sadded me. Yet I had to go on.

My crew and I next went past small islands that had beautiful singers but Circe warned me about them. I wanted to hear them sing so I put beaswax so they could not hear them. I made them tie me down so I could listen. It was tempting to make them untie me so I could go to them but I knew what would happen so I didn't.

Circe warned me of a monsterous creature called Scylla. She yabs like a newborn. No one was able to look at her in joy. She had 12 legs like tenticles, a serpent neck, six heads, and razor sharp teeth. She hunts the sea ground for fish. No one can say that at anytime if you pass her there is no way that wasn't loss or suffering.

We were able to escape from Scylla but we had trouble happening days later. A terrifying sound scared my men half to death. Their oars flew in the air with sounds of waves in tumult. The ship lost it way in our path with no oars to steer.

Our ship next landed on the island of Thrinakia. I made my men promise that they would not touch the sun god's cattle but they didn't listen. The storms kept us there for a month. My men got so hungry they scowered the sea for anything to eat. I went to go pray to the gods and I took a nap at the top of the hill. That I payed dearly for my men ate the cattle. When we went back to sea Zeus struck our ship with a lightning bolt and it destroyed my ship and killed all my men except me.

I swam to an island and the person living on it was Calypso. She held me captive for 7 years. She had siduced me many times and I couldn't help it. After that time she let me go after the gods told her too. She was beautiful but not as beautiful as you. I had to build my own raft and Calypso gave me some supplies.


Created with images by Mr ATM - "Horse and Rider statue, Winchester" • geese - "Cyclops" • Andrewkim - "lotus nature plants" • Julia Velkova - "Islands" • paurian - "Cannibal Man" • Becante - "Circe" • LoggaWiggler - "fire burn hell" • Sirensswimwear - "Sirens 2013 Collection" • quapan - "►Atlas, {Typhoëus}, Prometheus Bound◄ being savagely con-tortured insurgents put asunder by the tyrant Jupiter & the centrifugal force [_550 BC_]" • NogerChen - "Charybdis_EPposter_A2" • Webb Zahn - "Zeus" • Sabine Mondestin - "The Queen Sabine"

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