Global Poverty Caleb Lacroix

In 2008 8.8 million children have died before they've turned 5 years old. 101 million children aren't attending primary school, 4 million newborns are born with HIV AIDS.
Here is one of the major problems with major poverty and here is one of the reasons why today 3.5 million people die from water related diseases
This is another big problem with extreme poverty nutrition and food people aren't getting the right nutrients so they are becoming malnourished and when you are malnourished you are smaller and weaker than other people.
People who are in extreme poverty have a hard time getting a job and getting money because they are farmers and they have informal jobs informal jobs are when you get paid only when you work
Only 60 percent of the Guatemalan population knows how to speak Spanish and if you don't know Spanish it's harder to sell crops it's harder to stay healthy cause you can't tell the doctor what's wrong, it's also harder to get educated because you don't know any Spanish
The last problem with extreme poverty is when natural disasters happen and you're a farmer and all your crop is on a inverted hill and it rains super hard then all of your crops are gone and you just lost around 2,000$.
The problem is there is very little water sanitation in most of the other countries besides the U.S. Currently nearly 800 million people lack dependable access to clean water, and about 2.5 billion lack access to modern sanitation and it could get worse in the next 40 years.
What USAID is trying to do is expanding access to water supply and sanitation to promote better hygiene and defend against diseases, another thing they're trying to do is increase water productivity in agriculture and industry to boost output while conserving precious resources and finally improving water resource management and reforming governance and regulations to equitably share access and defuse competition.
Bought safe water sanitation to more than 50 million people, also with Kenya about 112,000 farmers so their yields and incomes were increased, they also established 60 ponds for 4750 farmers.
Before Jordan's olive trees were drying up and their animals weren't getting any water or food then the USAID came to their country and gave them water and supplies and now the Olive Trees are flourishing and their animals are getting all the food and water they need this was in 2016. It was very significant their animals are healthy and their crops are growing.
My thought on the USAID program is that it is working very hard for the people in need and it works because all these countries are being saved because of them. I think their water sanitation program is effective because it's already helping people in need out.

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