types of boundaries michelle

convergent,tectonic plates move slowly,only 1-9cm per year,but these massive,slow moving plates have so much force they can built tall mountains,from deep valleys,and rip earths surface apart,a collision between two continental plates can produce tall mountains,one day,millions of years from now,the divergent boundary will have created two separate landmasses.water will fill the space between them.
DIVERGENT when two plates separate and create new oceanic crust,a divergent plate boundary forms,stress that pulls something apart is tension,stress under the ocean can produce long mountains ranges more than 2 km tall.they form under water at divergent boundaries as oceanic plates move away from each other,some transform facts can be seen at earths surface
transform ,two plates slide horizontally fast one another along a transform plate boundary .earthquakes are common along this type of plate boundary.the sam Andreas felt,shown to the right,is part of the transform plate boundary that extends along the coast of California,parallel forces acting in opposite directions are shear,the san Andreas fault on the west coast of the united states is the result of shear stresses where plates move past each other,landforms created by tension or compression

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