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We started off with a guided inquiry through cooperative learning centers. This helped students understand what quantum means, taught them the history of this research at Princeton University's Engineering Anomalies Laboratory and allowed them learned by playing with the devices and software!
Chart for learning center rotations.
I think that the R.E.G. and human-machine interactions is interesting and exciting. The idea of a brand new field of research and information is always interesting and exiting because there is always so much more to know. The best thing about human-machine interactions is that they have not yet been fully explored which opens up a whole new set of things to discover - student


Then we took apart the random event generator (black box on right) and broke the interior circuit down into functional parts (left).

The question... if the device's output is fundamentally random at a quantum level, how is it that we have an effect on that level? What is intention?

We discovered that quantum tunnelling is the fundamentally random process at the heart of the circuit.


We used Dr. Dan Seigel's Wheel Of Awareness. This mindfulness training tool helps student to prepare for their experiments by studying their own states of mind in preparation for states of focus/concentration required to affect the device.
Student practicing mindfulness with the MindLamp (white orb) another random event generator device that links mental effects to colour shifts. The lamp was brought by our community partner during her visit. It was dropped and cracked which accounts for the blue tape.
MindLamp (before being dropped) measuring background intentional effects through colour display



Students learned the key difference between traditional science and subjective science, the inclusion of the observer in it's design using scientific method. Each group designed and completed an experiment to investigate an area of curiosity about themselves.

Experiments in progress! Setting up a experiment run, using an ipad to watch videos to stimulate and emotional state and watching the software feedback.


Student Experiment 1: Can my emotions affect the REG?

Student Experiment 2: Does knowing how the REG works affect your results?

Student Experiment 3: Does reading different genres affect the REG results?

Hypothesis: Yes! Because depending on the genres, people would have different feelings, emotions and attitudes. So in our opinion it would affect the intention of the people which would affect the outcome. This is why we think that reading will affect the REG. - student prediction


Being the proud Sikh child that I am I began to recite Japji Sahib. When I began to do that the world began to melt away until it was just me and the words coming out of my mouth. I was at a state of inner peace and happiness. When my peers told me to look at my results it was off the charts, literally! I did the same thing for the next couple of trials and wonderful results came out of it. I think those results came because I was at a state of calm, thankfulness, peace and happiness - student reflection


Meeting Brenda and talking about how she still doesn't know and understand many things with the REG, really comforted me to a new subject that wasn't really in my mind yet. Brenda believed that education is really important no matter if your going to become a scientist or artist it takes years of practice to really understand your passion for something. -student

One student reflected deeply on Brenda's words and career journey and another prepared a list of questions for her arrival. Brenda reviewed each experiment and went over the technical details of the protocol with them. In addition, she gave us a personal history of her involvement in the frontier sciences.

As many of you might already know, I really like art and probably have a profession in that area some day. But Brenda's journey and the REG itself has made me realize you don't always have to become one thing, multiple jobs is also an option. You can do as much or as little as you want as long as your happy. - student


What is happening physically when your mind influences the REG?

Why did you decide to get a career in frontier sciences?

What are some challenges of working in the frontier sciences?

What is the most interesting thing that you’ve discovered while working on the REG?


Students connected authentically with curriculum by analyzing the data from their experiments. They examined graphs, sorted decimals, integers and experienced probability studies that captured their curiosity.

This is graph produced by the REG software. It tracks the operators ability to affect the device.


"Our most significant data came from our first experiment which involved the participant Student 1. During his runs, he was using customized emotional aids and was following all experiment parameters and variables. It was observed that during his high aim and baseline aim for the neutral test, the participant had a greater effect on the REG output than the other tests."

"...the fact that a participant’s emotional state affects his or her intention on the REG output was correct. Even though the results were evident, further testing would be required in order to be completely certain of this outcome."

"Our answer has come that yes it is true that when a human being is watching videos about different subjects, their intention will change."

"If there is any part of the REG that is sensitive to human interaction, I believe that it would be anything that happens at the quantum level. As proven multiple times in experiments that have been repeated and give strong, consistent results, the quantum world works differently than the normal word, an even the smallest difference, such as human intention or observation can change the result of an experiment."


Student Artist Statement - The human elements are the waves, because the two waves signify the way we perceive the world. The colours signify light waves, and the music notes signify sound (for sculpture at bottom left)
In their lab groups students reflected on their experience with the random event generator by showing how they think the human mind and random event generator device interact.
Student Artist Statement - We utilized negative space in our sculpture. For the head and horn, it seemed to make an unknown, incomplete feel, since we do not know everything about human-machine interactions, consciousness, or the REG. (bottom right)

ALL ABOUT ME - Websites

Ministry of Ontario - Experiential Learning

Program-related learning is structured around the four questions of the education and career/life planning inquiry process (Who am I? What are my opportunities? Who do I want to become? What is my plan for achieving my goals?) - Ministry of Ontario - Creating Pathways to Success

The students explored both the career pathways that opened up for them during this experience and those that they felt more confident did not interest them. The links to individual student designed websites are not included for privacy reasons. The following are quotations taken from student sites.

Another thing that interested me a lot about this inquiry was human-machine interactions, the idea that humans can and do affect machines, and vice-versa. I completely disagreed with that, until I saw the REG.
One thing that doesn't interest me too much is quantum physics. I find it hard to think about things that are so small, and it is weird that there's a whole other set of rules that seem impossible that quantum physics follows.
Before this inquiry project, I thought that there were only jobs available in traditional sciences and fields that have already been explored. Computers, science, medicine, art, and athletics are some examples. Now that I know that there are careers in the subjective sciences, and I've actually met a frontier scientist, I have another list of careers to choose from. Frontier scientist, philosopher, or psychologist are some examples.
I think my worldview more changed than contributed. To understand what I mean, before all of the studies, I never even thought of the idea of human-machine interactions. After learning about it, I want to share my learning with anyone else who doesn't understand (which ties back to my strengths and intelligence).


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