Smith Middle School Band Spring Fling Concert

April 1, 2021


SMS "Ballroom"


Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to the second concert of the Smith Middle School Bands during the 2020-2021 school year (the first for our beginners). Our students are excited to perform for you tonight and we hope you enjoy and appreciate their hard work.

This has certainly been the most interesting year! Nonetheless, our students have been working very hard and achieving at high levels. Some of our students earned positions in the All-Region Band. The Wind Ensemble earned their 13th UIL Sweepstakes award last month, receiving unanimous first division ratings from all six judges. Our students continue to display the SMS Band Motto – Superior Standards ~ Superior Success – through their academic, athletic, and musical achievements.

This concert serves as the first opportunity for the beginning band to perform in a full band setting. We are certain you will enjoy their performance! The Symphonic Band will perform a "UIL type" program and the Wind Ensemble will present their UIL music.

This concert also serves as a reminder that the only opportunity for CISD students to participate in an instrumental music program is through the Golden Pride. We appreciate your support and hope to continue to provide your child this amazing music experience through their continued participation in the 2021-2022 school year.

Matthew Hiller, Jacqueline Ruddick, Brennan Ross, Brock Feller, and Matt Bibb, Band Directors

Concert Etiquette

It is the intent of the band directors to provide an enjoyable and clear learning environment for our students. On that note, the following is a list of ways to make this concert experience more memorable for our musicians and audience.

  • Please enter the performance quietly and quickly find a seat; latecomers should wait to find a seat at the first convenient pause in the music.
  • Please refrain from talking during the performance.
  • Please refrain from taking flash photographs as this distracts the musicians and other audience members. Feel free to take pictures between pieces or before and after the concert.
  • Be sure your cell phone is silenced during the concert. This is not only embarrassing to you, but is very distracting from an enjoyable performance.
  • Audience members that must leave during the concert should only do so during applause.
  • It is suggested that you not bring young children. If this is unavoidable, please keep them quiet. We understand that you are here to listen to the performance. However, it is extremely disturbing to those performing when a baby begins to cry or a child talks.

Thank you for understanding and cooperating!

Please Enjoy the Performance!!!

Beginning Band

Jacqueline Ruddick, Conductor

Dragon Slayer

Rob Grice

Banana Boat Song

Arr. by Ryan Nowlin

Symphonic Band

Jacqueline Ruddick and Brennan Ross, Conductors

Synergy March

William Owens

Plaza de Toros

Michael Story

Night Fury

Carol Brittin Chambers

Wind Ensmeble

Jacqueline Ruddick, Conductor

A Million Dreams

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul; arr. by Paul Murtha

Darklands March

Randall Standridge


Richard Meyer

Zig Zag

Sean O'Loughlin


Band Directors

  • Matthew Hiller, SMS Director of Bands
  • Jacqueline Ruddick, SMS Associate Director of Bands
  • Brennan Ross
  • Brock Feller, CHS Associate Director of Bands
  • Matt Bibb, CISD Percussion Coordinator
Thanks to many!

CISD Administration

  • Kyle Heath, CISD Superintendent
  • Amber White, SMS Principal
  • Dustin Conn, SMS Assistant Principal
  • Alanna Lewallen, SMS Assistant Principal
  • Mauri Ford, Counselor
  • Kelly Warner, Counselor

CISD School Board

  • Elizabeth Childress, President
  • Teddy Martyniuk, Vice President
  • Jason Tennison, Secretary
  • June Bates
  • Wendell Dempsey
  • John Finnell
  • Stu Madison

CISD Band Staff

  • Jason Jones, Director of Bands
  • Brock Feller, Associate Director of Bands
  • Matt Bibb, Percussion Coordinator

Other thank yous:

  • Janice Sullivan and the Golden Pride Band Boosters
  • SMS Custodial Staff
  • Jolette Wine and Lucy Pascasio, clinicians
  • The teachers and staff of Smith Middle School

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