Short but Sweet

Hello Friends,

It's been two weeks. A little slow in terms of "exciting" stuff happening so that's why two weeks.

A few highlights from the past couple of weeks.

1. We had a Bollywood Movie night and watched the film Bajrangi Bhaijaan and had milk tea and pop corn! Two of the staff here grew up in Pakistan so the milk tea was pretty good! It made me think of and miss Eva, my Nepali friend, and her milk tea skills which she taught me to make! I also missed Ariel, Seungri, and Seongeun and times we (the four previous girls and I) had milk tea together. The Movie was good as well. It's about a mute Pakistani girl who get lost in India and getting back to Pakistan with the help of an Indian guy.

Milk Tea! Yum!

Second, I've been really enjoying hanging out more with some of the girls here. We had a girls night this past Friday and we ate salad and fruit salad and then enjoyed each other by playing games.

I've been hanging out with Brailee and Nicole a lot these past couple of weeks. We've been to coffee and just hung out in their room. It's been really fun getting to know these two girls better!

Me, Nicole, Brailee

I've also been hanging with my roommate, Amy, more. We play games and go on walks quite often and it has been fun!

Brailee, Amy, me

In other news we made real brownies this week! Yay! So yummy! I also had Maxim coffee...yay for 3 in 1! Little joys. :)

This is a cool aero video of our residence (also in the first shot in compared to the town of Ersek√ę). So enjoy!

This coming week we have a class on the book of Romans and I'm looking forward to that. Hope you're all doing well.


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