Florida Museum of Natural History noah rodriguez

Nature on Display

Of all the exhibits, the underwater exhibit pictured above caught my attention the most. When I first walked into the exhibit, I thought that I was looking at massive prehistoric fish, but I shortly realized I was looking at an ocean scene that had been enlarged in order to make the viewer feel like they were part of the scene. By doing this, I realized how extraordinary all life is, no matter what kind or what size. Some people tend to "disregard" some ecosystems due to how small they are, but this exhibit really makes you think about how complex life is even on a small scale. The animals, plants, and scenes that were depicted in the exhibit were very realistic, allowing me to contemplate the differences between the way humans survive versus the way other organisms survive. Lastly, the exhibit made me realize how mysterious the ocean is and how much of it humans have not explored.

Nature and Ethics

The Florida Museum of Natural History helped me the see the benefits of humans forming a relationship with nature. When you are in the museum, you are completely surrounded by the history of the land we live on. This allowed me to see what life was like before human existence and to evaluate human impact on the earth. I was able to realize many negative impacts of humans, and being at the museum allowed me to experience nature in some of the ways that Leopold recommends. The exhibit picture above shows how old Floridians used to live off the land and form relationships with the environment around them. I do not feel that humans should necessarily revert back this lifestyle, but I do feel that there are lessons to learn from this lifestyle. Us humans should learn to appreciate the land more instead of trying to strip it of its resources.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Florida Museum of Natural History helped me to step out of my ordinary life by showing me how human existence is so short relative to the history of all life on Earth. The exhibit pictured above was incredible to see, and it blew my mind that a shark has once existed on Earth that was that large. This exhibit makes me think about how many unique life forms could have existed on Earth before humans and how many unique life forms exist today that we still have not yet discovered. To me, that is the biggest mystery of the natural world. If a shark like the one in the exhibit above once existed on Earth, how do we know that there isn't such creatures of that magnitude that exist today that we haven't yet discovered. The museum showed me how spontaneous and incredible life is, and it makes me cherish my life as well as the life in nature around me more.

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