SPARC Day 2017 Photos by Scott Cook

On August 26, more than 800 Rollins students, faculty, staff, and alumni contributed more than 3,200 hours of service to positively impact the community during SPARC Day 2017. Rollins photographer Scott Cook tagged along on a pair of SPARC Day service projects, following Emily Russell and Jana Mathews’ classes at New Hope for Kids in Maitland and Josh Almond and Paul Reich’s classes at Killarney Elementary in Winter Park.

SPARC Day is meant to ignite interest and passion in the newest members of the Rollins community, encouraging them to ask tough questions about themselves, others, and the issues facing communities in the 21st century.
This year, Tars partnered with 23 Central Florida organizations to tackle issues ranging from education and poverty to health care and homelessness.
Throughout SPARC Day, volunteers planted 25 trees and more than 100 flowers, packed 400 care packages, and built one shed, among other activities.

Arden Baxter ’18 took over Rollins’ Snapchat to take you behind the scenes of SPARC Day 2017.

Rollins’ one-day impact on the community is valued at $77,248. (The value of a service hour in Florida was $24.14 in 2016.)
In the 12 years since the annual day of service was established, more than 8,000 Tars have contributed more than 32,000 hours of service to an average of 24 community organizations each year.


Photos by Scott Cook