Ellis Island

The purpose for moving to America was to have religious freedom, food, and to find a job that would pay a little money.

One test they had to pass was the health test. The doctors would check out many thing about their health such as did the limp, were they coughing, were their eyes red, and what about skin sores. If there was any problem then the doctors would put a chalked letter on your back such as "H" for heart, and "E" for eyes. If they had a chalk mark they were then pulled away for further testing.

Cons for coming into Ellis Island

  • Some women had their children takin away for their health.
  • They were sometimes sent back for various reasons.
  • If they did not pass all the test then they were stuck on Ellis Island for weeks or even months.

Pros about going into Ellis Island

  • If they made it through Ellis Island then they would get to go to America where they could live much better lives.
  • If they made it to America then they would sometimes reunite with their family.
  • They would more than likely get food that they didn't have in their home country.

Daily life if you were stuck on Ellis Island

If people were stuck on Ellis Island then they were fed American food, they had hot running water, at night they would sleep in big cages, because the beds would run low for people to sleep in, and during the day they were held in "pens" which could hold 600 people, but often held more than a thousand!

Ellis Island first person to set foot on the island was Annie Moore. She was fifteen, she brought her two younger brothers with her. Her parents were already in America, so the three children made the long voyage by themselves. Today a statue stands on Ellis Island of Annie.

This is Annie Moore.

Interesting Fact

An interesting fact is that the buttonhook was a small tool used for buttoning women's shoes, but doctors used it to turn people eyelids inside out to check their eyes.

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