The Atari Company By Michael Frantz


The Atari Company was formed in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. The company pioneered the gaming industry with its creation of the game Pong, and the Atari 2600 game console.


The Atari Company made its mark on history with its revolutionary advancements in home video games and consoles, arcade games, and home computers. Probably the most well-known thing that Atari created was their game called Pong, a table-tennis game that became very popular after its creation in 1972.

Some of Atari's most iconic games include:

  • Pong
  • Adventure
  • Space Invaders
  • Asteroids
  • Ms. Pac-Man


The Atari Company was very present in the electronic entertainment industry in the early 1970's through the mid 1980's.


Currently the company operates from New York City, NY. However it was founded in Sunnyvale, CA.


The Atari Company was so important to the electronic entertainment industry because it made games more available to the average consumer by providing home video game consoles.


One of the founders of Atari, Nolan Bushnell, was also the creator of the beloved American establishment, Chuck E Cheese's.




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