Police: are they really leaders? They need to be questioned.

Why and how are police leaders?

Police are leaders because they enforce the law that we follow as citizens. The duties of a police officer are to focus on the protection of people and their property. They also support assigned areas, respond to cars, enforce laws and make arrest. Which is a big responsibility and a hard job. If you don't follow what they say it could lead to you being charged, our getting locked up for a night, or maybe even worse. But sometimes Police are wrong, multiple cases in the USA proves this. Police are a accused for being racist and bias for arresting black men and woman for no valid reason. As a result phrases like black lives matter are occurring. Police have lots of power in this time and day, and abusing that power to hurt people.

Black Lives Matter


1. Abuse of power. Hundreds of millions of the poorest people in the world are abused by corrupt police officers. We should question them on their methods of punishment.

2.They can be racist. Proof of this is there are multiple cases in USA where police have arrested black males. Simply for defending themselves. We should question them threw surveys to see if this is true.

3.They have the potential to lie. If they do lie an innocent person can end up serving jail time as a result. So we need to question if they are really as honest as they say they are.

4.They can be bias. Some Police Officer tend to use their own opinions as facts which is unfair to the citizens that they use it against. We need to question that there not being bias.

5.They can shoot people for no reason. Some police will shoot you if you just simply approach them. Which can lead to innocent people being badly injured. We need to question if Police can handle the power of a gun.


With that we have come to the end of our spark page. Even though some police may do this, overall police are the reason why we're here today. Without them we wouldn't be safe at home our anywhere else. Police are great and we need to understand that.


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