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SEMESTER PLAN: Overview of Tests and Quizzes of Month February
Weekly Plan: Overview of a typical week for me
Daily (Weekly) Plan: All homework and what to do's for a week.
Day 1 and 2

Journal Entry Day 1: Monday Feb. 13

On Monday I had planned on doing accounting hw, studying for my accounting test on wednesday, studying for my econ quiz, studying for my communication test on wednesday, and possibly go over the material quiz for BUS 101. I succeeded in doing all of my accomplishments except studying for my econ and bus 101 quiz.

Journal Entry Day 2: Tuesday Feb. 14

On Tuesday, I did all of my accounting homework for practice for the test tomorrow on top of studying. I also reread parts of my communication textbook and notes for the test tomorrow, did not get to study as much as I wanted because accounting took longer than I thought it would. I also did not touch econ or bus 101 because the other two tests took priority.

Day 3

Journal Entry Day 3: Wednesday Feb. 15

Lastly, I studied for my econ quiz, did econ homework, studied for the BUS 101 quiz and tried taking some notes for accounting for the next chapter that was due on Friday.


Overall, I planned for myself to do homework and studying for each day and to prepare myself for the upcoming days. I wanted to make myself spend at least 4-5 hours making sure I felt prepared, which I usually did each day. However, no matter how much or little time I spent studying, I was never 100% satisfied with how I felt. I never truly felt like I was ready for the quiz or test and that I could always do better.

From these feelings, I will probably make sure I spread out my studying time and try not to cram. If I do not cram as much, I might feel better about how I am prepared and that I am spending my time more wisely. Perhaps a to-do list for everyday or a time chart could be a good example of what will push me to do a little bit of studying everyday.


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