Preventing Kitchen Accidents By AlEc KLIEM

If a Fire Starts

Smoke Detector

If a fire was to start, there would first be smoke and by having a smoke alarm it will alert you if there was any smoke in the area.

Baking soda is an alternative to put out fires in the kitchen. But do NOT use baking powder, it will just explode in your face.

If a fire were to start in one of these, turn the heat off immediately so there is no more fuel to keep the fire going.

Never use water to put out a grease fire, such as this one, try to contain the fire by putting the lid over the pan.

Never pour water on grease fires

If by any chance you or your clothes catch on fire, STOP, DROP, AND ROLL.

If you can not contain the fire escape the area where the fire is and call the fire department.

Using Electricity safely

Before using any electrical appliance read the manual or instructions on how to properly handle the appliance.

When plugging in anything electrical be very cautious. Be sure to check and see if the cord is bad or not, if so change the cord immediately.

Never overload a circuit with many cords because the chances of a fire have increased dramatically.

This what a polarized cord would look like. These cords are much safer than any regular cord because these cords contain the electricity within outlet. So in other words you are not exposed to any electricity.

After taking your food out of this shut it off so that if you accidentally touch the inside you don't burn yourself.

Hazardous Household chemicals

Make sure that if you are, or have, handled anything that is hazardous make sure you wash your hands or anything that was exposed to the hazardous material.

Mixing baking soda with boiling water will dissolve some sink clogs. Also sprinkling Borax outside of your door with keep ants away from the food.

If you have inhaled anyone the hazardous material look at the bottle and read the directions about what you should do.

Also if you are handling anything hazardous do not mix it with anything that will consumed.

Finally be safe when you are cooking!

Here is some more information in how to Prevent Kitchen Accidents

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